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Bausc Skincare Giveaway

Welcome to the Bausc Natural Skincare Giveaway Event, hosted by the Green Moms Network! During this giveaway, you’ll have a chance to win a package of natural skin care products from Bausc valued at $112!

Bausc has made the commitment to help people reduce their toxic load by offering safe and luxurious alternatives to the skincare products we use every day. They offer everything from deodorant to skin care to bath and body products. They even have products for kids!

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Earth Weave Area Rug (giveaway)

Welcome to the Earth Weave Carpet Mills Area Rug Giveaway, hosted by the Green Moms Network. Today we’re excited to share a truly safe carpet company with you, and offer you the chance to win one of their safe, non-toxic and natural area rugs!

When you’re thinking about re-carpeting your home, what are the things that are most important to you? Many people rarely think about the toxins contained in most carpets, padding and the adhesives used to install them.

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Stuck on You labels & personalized gifts (giveaway)

When he was 2 and at his first morning school

It seems like yesterday, that my husband and I put our Son into his first school-like environment for the first time. He had just turned 2 years of age. Personally, I thought it was way too young for him to be heading out the door, and on the other hand my husband thought it was normal. Maybe that is the difference of me being Australian and him being a born and bred New Yorker. In Australia, the accepted age for children to go to school is 5 or 6. In New York City, it seems the sooner the better.

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Straight from the tree – DRINKmaple (giveaway)

Around 2 years ago, my husband had a fantastic idea. Well, we both thought so anyway.

It was around the time of year when maple sap started flowing from the trees (end of Winter/beginning of Spring), and we were at our friend’s farm to watch them make maple syrup to sell in their farm stand. This farm is over a 100 years old, which has been passed down from generation to generation, and they have always made the syrup from the maple trees on their property. Fair to say they are experts in the trade, as many farmers are in the Hudson Valley, upstate New York area where maple trees are in abundance.

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Planning the Perfect Family Vacation

With my family’s annual family holiday to Europe coming up in less than 2 weeks, I thought now might be a wonderful time to write about how to plan the perfect vacation.

Cannot wait to be back in Dubrovnik Croatia soon

Family vacations can be full of excitement and adventure; however they can also be rather stressful if you do not plan adequately beforehand. This means carefully considering a number of important aspects regarding your trip before taking the plunge. It is worth remembering that, regardless of your children’s ages, organising a family vacation that will keep everyone happy is indeed possible by following a few simple rules. With this in mind, here is my guide to help you and your family plan the perfect vacation.

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New Mommy Giveaway worth $1200

Green Scene Mom has partnered with Guava Family and many other brands to bring you this fabulous giveaway featuring lots of great products for new moms and their babies! Each of these products was designed to meet a unique need and make life simple for mom and baby.

Guava Family
Lotus Everywhere Crib – $249.95

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#CrunchyKitchens Instagram Challenge – Game on

Welcome to the first day of August everybody, which besides being my birthday month, is also the start of our first ever “Crunchy Kitchens” instagram challenge, which Willy B Mum is co-hosting with a few other green-inspired Mummy Blogs. If you haven’t heard about the Challenge head over to our informational post for additional details!

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Third Street Non-GMO Organic tea (giveaway)

The benefits of drinking the ancient elixir of tea are rumored to be many, being an efficient way to take in nutrients & antioxidants from plants we share this Planet with. From helping with diseases, weight-loss, and comforting the soul, it is a wonderful addition to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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#CrunchyKitchens Instagram Photo Challenge

=&0=&in each post so that your photo can be found easily Check out the other participants’ photos under the #crunchykitchens thread to see what they are posting. Make sure to leave a comment here or there, this way everybody has fun and feels loved

Need some inspiration. Top left & clockwise, here are some images from the Willy B Mum instagram feed; Snack, Natural, Organic and Store

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We have real food, natural kitchen related giveaways from our generous sponsors which is super exciting. Take note though, to enter the actual giveaways you will have to enter here on WillyBMum.com. As long as you are following us on instagram @WillyBMum, we will make sure you know when the giveaways happen and where to enter – all good!


  • Save the graphic to your phone so that you’ll have easy access to the daily prompts
  • You can participate whether your account is set to private or public however we will not be able to see your submissions unless your account is public. Daily submissions for the giveaways will need to be public, and not private, so we can verify. You can always change your account back to private after the challenge

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Peace, Love and Crunchy Kitchens Make the World Go Around!

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In the garden with a Happy Caterpillar

Gardening is a wonderfully messy way for children to engage in an enlightening and healthy pastime. It is also one of the most important skills a child can obtain, period. As a family, it is a bonding and rewarding experience which starts with the excitement of choosing the plants from seed, then learning how to nurture and manage the ground as plants grow, and ending with a harvest of homegrown goodness which all can sit down to enjoy as a meal together.

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