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Mamarazzi® “Mayim’s Vegan Table” Book Launch

I was thrilled when Willy B Mum recently gave me the opportunity to attend The Moms Mamarazzi® book launch for Mayim Bialik’s cookbook Mayim’s Vegan Table. I should start by admitting that I do not watch The Big Bang Theory, and was not allowed to watch television back when Blossom was on.  But I have been a fan of Mayim’s ever since I picked up Beyond the Sling, her insightful book on attachment parenting, and when you add that to her veganism and her PhD in neuroscience, I didn’t need to be a fan of her acting to be totally starstruck when I met her.

Dark chocolate peanut butter pie

The event was held at Café Blossom, one of my husband’s and my favorite vegan date night spots. Miss Bialik posed for some photos with each of us while vegan appetizers were passed around, and then she sat down with The Moms for a brief Q&A.  She was incredibly relatable and genuine, talking with us like she was part of the group and not the guest of honor.  As a busy working mother, she revealed that she doesn’t have time to watch t.v., not even her own show.  She still has a lot of goals, she told us, and spending time catching up on all the hottest series would keep her from reaching those goals.  Basically, Mayim is just your average, everyday, Emmy Nominated author and neuroscientist.

Trying out Mayim’s Matzoh Ball Soup

After receiving a positive response to veganized dishes she shared in Kveller, a Jewish parenting magazine, Mayim put together Mayim’s Vegan Table with over 100 recipes that she makes at home for her family.  She worked with a pediatrician, Dr Jay Gordon, to include some chapters on nutrition and veganism, as well as some tips on stocking your kitchen.  Longtime vegans are unlikely to find anything in those chapters that they don’t already know, but I think it’s great that Mayim is introducing veganism to her largely non-vegan fan base.

Mayim’s Pretzels turned out wonderful

My husband and I have tried 4 recipes from Mayim’s Vegan Kitchen Read More Willy B Mum

Disney Frozen, because some Movies are worth writing about

The cold weather is in full effect here in New York City. Yep, there is no turning back; it is full pledge gloves, beanies and spencer (Australian for thermals) weather.

Being a Stay At Home Mum & having a 3 year-old-Son who is bustling with energy, I am experiencing a new stage with him again. What do I do to keep him busy when it is too cold to spend time outdoors? If you ask me this question again, once Winter is over, I am sure I will be able to reel off a bevy of answers. But for now, I know that movies are a suitable option!

Last week, Miles Storm and I were invited by event extraordinaire The Moms to attend a screening of the much-anticipated 3D Disney Movie Frozen. Frozen is loosely based on Hans Christian Anderson’s fairytale – The Snow Queen; being a tale of good, evil, love and life lessons.

Although, Frozen may look like it may be better suited to young girls, do not be fooled. My 3-year-old Son loved the movie and is still raving about the Talking Snowman Olaf and the Ice Princess Elsa. But just to back up a bit….

Miles Storm and I about to watch the Disney Movie – Frozen

Princess Anna and Princess Elsa are 2 sisters who are very different. Elsa was born with special powers where she unwillingly can create devastating ice and snow effects from touch or from feeling emotional, wild and crazy (I know how that goes). Anna, on the other hand, lacks powers but makes up for it with her fearlessness, kindness and never-give-up attitude.

As a child, Elsa harnessed her powers by always wearing gloves and learning to control her mind, but this all goes haywire one day when she puts her beloved village of Arendelle into an eternal winter. Unknowingly, she then takes off to an Ice Castle deciding this is where she will stay.

Like a good sister should, Anna, decides to find her in what becomes a maddening intertwine of sit-on-the-edge-of-your-seat events. Along her way, she encounters the help of hilarious characters like lovable Olaf the Snowman, rugged Mountain Man Kristoff and his loyal Reindeer Sven, and my favorite Trading Post and Sauna owner; Oaken. Oaken had me in stitches! Just, loved him.

Frozen is a clever tale of life lessons, sense of community and perpetual sibling love. Princess Elsa must shape up and  embrace her powers to overcome the fear of her somewhat frightening abilities. While Princess Anna must figure out what true love really means and does not mean!

I really do not want to give away the whole story here so I am not going to say too much more…

Frozen is full of music, laughs and wonder. It is a visually appealing movie which my Son and I really enjoyed. The theme of snowy days, is fitting to watch with the Northern Hemisphere Winter upon us. I will also say that from where we were sitting in the Theater, combined with the effects of wearing the 3D glasses, there was a lot of oohing and ahhing in awe – it was clearly a hit with the young crowd.

Frozen opens to the public, here in the United States, the day before Thanksgiving being Wednesday November the 27th. Showtimes, and advance ticket sales can be found at this link on the movie website FANDANGO.

Thanks for getting your Disney on and Reading my BLOG, I hope you enjoy Frozen as much as my Son and I did!

Trick or Treat for UNICEF, such a wonderful thing!

UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund)…
…. Saves thousands of young lives around the world each day.
…. Works towards the day when no child dies from a preventable cause.
…. Does whatever it takes to give children the basics of a happy, healthy childhood.

When I think of Trick-or-Treating and Halloween, what immediately comes to mind is copious amounts of lollies (Australian for candy) and comically scary creatures, with little kids walking around dressed as ghosts having fun. For me, it is a Holiday which I am not really experienced with as I was brought up in Australia where it was not a holiday recognized or celebrated. I mean, of course I saw it on the movies and on TV shows but that is as far as it really went.

However, now that my Son is 3 years of age and I am living in the USA, I am in full-swing learning the Ins & Outs of Halloween as I go along. And, it is really fun!

This week I was invited to an event hosted by NYC Mummy Sensation – THE MOMS – highlighting the 2013 Trick-or-Treat UNICEF campaign. I took Miles with me, as much to his sheer joy, it was held at the most unusual (and perhaps famous) – Dylan’s Candy Bar.

So Much Fun

This Annual program of “Kids helping Kids” has been executed in the United States since 1950. During this time, more that 170 million dollars has been raised to help suffering children in 190 Countries by providing the basic necessities like clean water, healthy food, education, immunizations and education.

How it Works

  • Standard Trick-or-Treating; collecting money from people who children visit door to door. You can usually order the orange boxes from UNICEF HERE but as it is bit close to Halloween it is not an option at this time
  • Download a Canister Label to create your very own fundraising container HERE
  • Once all the money is collected, participants download a Donation Form HERE and send it to the Trick-Or-Treat UNICEF NYC headquarters, or money can be deposited at a Coinstar Kiosk

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Stong Moms Empower. Let’s Support Each Other Mummies!

There is no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one — Jill Churchill.

Experts agree that motherhood is even more difficult now than it was for past generations of Mums, with nearly one in three Mums consciously make parenting decisions to avoid criticism from others — Doctor Michele Borba

A few weeks ago, here in New York City, I was invited to the Strong Moms Empower Summit and Luncheon. I have to admit, as I am invited to a lot of events, I really did not know what I was walking in to. I actually thought it was a casual get together with a few other local Mummy Bloggers. However, when I arrived at the gorgeous Alexandria Center overlooking the East River, I straight away knew otherwise. This was a really BIG deal. To start with the space was gorgeous and secondly there was a couple of hundred “movers and shakers” in the Mummy world on site.

Strong Moms Empower is a call-to-action campaign that is working towards Stopping Bullying Among Parents. Yes, you read correctly – Parents. Apparently in today’s world there is a ton of bullying going on both online and offline which in turn is making Mothers unsure of their decisions, afraid to speak their minds and causing a lot of insecurity and sadness. BUT, we’re all Mums right and on the same team? Evidently, this is not so.

Being at this luncheon and listening to the speakers, I thought back to times that I have been bullied online by other parents. Once, only just having given birth, I posted a question about breastfeeding my Son, to which another Mother commented that “I was only breastfeeding because I could not afford formula”??? Hmm, I just did not even know what to say to that, it literally blew my mind so I decided not to say anything at all. Or, more recently when I posted a picture of my 2.5 year old Son on the Willy B Mum Facebook page with his nails painted the same color as mine, to where another Mother decided it was best to comment that; “That is ridiculous, why are you creating an excuse for him to be bullied at school”?? One, he is 2.5 and does not go to school yet and two isn’t that what you are doing to me right now by leaving that comment?

Unfortunately, I am sure you can all think back to one or another situations where you have also been made to feel inadequate by another parent!

All Mothers are different, and all Mothers love their children right? So, why all the hatred and negativity, from other Mothers towards Mothers, that are in the same boat trying to do the best they can to raise their children?


Parents choose many many ways to bring up children and no matter your personal choice there is going to be another parent who is doing completely the opposite and unfortunately may give you a hard time about it!

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Miles Storm’s first 3D Movie – The Croods!

Sandy, Ugga, EEP, Grug, Guy, Thunk, Gran and Belt the Sloth make up this wonderful tale.

Last week, as a guest of the Mummy-Duo The Moms, Miles Storm and I had the opportunity to see a private pre-screening of the children’s movie The Croods at the AMC Theater on the Upper West Side in Manhattan.

It was my 2.5 year old’s second movie ever, and his first 3D-movie experience and he handled it surprisingly well. At first he did not really understand why he had to wear the glasses to see the effects of the 3D, but after me gently reassuring him he finally figured it out. From there on in, he was smitten. He happily sat through the whole movie, laughing at times (which was adorable) and throwing in a few “Wow Mummy, look at that” at some of the effects. He was particularly enthralled by the flying birds and butterflies throughout the movie and put his hands up, like many of the children in the Theater, to try to catch them.

The Croods is a wonderfully animated adventure comedy about a very interesting prehistoric caveman family who, are well stuck in a cave. It is indeed a mere existence. Eventually, by ways of a tragic natural disaster destroying the cave, the group is forced to move on. Although scared stiff, with the help of a mysterious boy named Guy, they are led on a spectacular journey through the many wonders of a world they had no idea existed – jungles, water ways and mountain landscapes. They are also met by many unthought-of-before hybrid animal characters that compliment the scenery. Not forgetting the genius concepts such as fire and tar pits that really throw everybody for a sixer (Australian for confuse the hell out of everybody)!

Father “Grug”, (voiced by Nicholas Cage), is beyond traumatized when his daughter “EEP”, (voiced by Emma Stone) falls in love with Guy. Of course, Daddy doesn’t approve and a power struggle erupts, well in Grug’s mind anyway.

As well as a spectacular movie to watch as far as special effects, there are hidden life lessons highlighted in the form of a struggling Father/Daughter relationship, coming to terms with in-laws, first time love and bonding together for the sake of survival.  All of these elements make The Croods an insightful, as well as entertaining, movie to take your family too. There is something in it for everybody – younger and older.

Of course there is a happy ending…… but you are going to have to go and watch the movie yourself, rather than me ruin the surprise for you.

The Croods starts showing today, March 22nd, in Cinemas across the United States. I have included below an official trailer of the movie, and to make it easier to find tickets in your area you can visit HERE.

Hope you love it as much as Miles Storm and I did!

Miles Storm and I hanging out with one of the stars of “The Croods”, Belt the Sloth

Glass Slippers are back in on Broadway & let’s meet The Moms!

Glass Slippers are back in on Broadway, but let’s be honest with the Kate-Moss-Wearing Stuart Weitzman designing them, of course they are! — Willy B Mum.

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