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Stong Moms Empower. Let’s Support Each Other Mummies!

There is no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one — Jill Churchill.

Experts agree that motherhood is even more difficult now than it was for past generations of Mums, with nearly one in three Mums consciously make parenting decisions to avoid criticism from others — Doctor Michele Borba

A few weeks ago, here in New York City, I was invited to the Strong Moms Empower Summit and Luncheon. I have to admit, as I am invited to a lot of events, I really did not know what I was walking in to. I actually thought it was a casual get together with a few other local Mummy Bloggers. However, when I arrived at the gorgeous Alexandria Center overlooking the East River, I straight away knew otherwise. This was a really BIG deal. To start with the space was gorgeous and secondly there was a couple of hundred “movers and shakers” in the Mummy world on site.

Strong Moms Empower is a call-to-action campaign that is working towards Stopping Bullying Among Parents. Yes, you read correctly – Parents. Apparently in today’s world there is a ton of bullying going on both online and offline which in turn is making Mothers unsure of their decisions, afraid to speak their minds and causing a lot of insecurity and sadness. BUT, we’re all Mums right and on the same team? Evidently, this is not so.

Being at this luncheon and listening to the speakers, I thought back to times that I have been bullied online by other parents. Once, only just having given birth, I posted a question about breastfeeding my Son, to which another Mother commented that “I was only breastfeeding because I could not afford formula”??? Hmm, I just did not even know what to say to that, it literally blew my mind so I decided not to say anything at all. Or, more recently when I posted a picture of my 2.5 year old Son on the Willy B Mum Facebook page with his nails painted the same color as mine, to where another Mother decided it was best to comment that; “That is ridiculous, why are you creating an excuse for him to be bullied at school”?? One, he is 2.5 and does not go to school yet and two isn’t that what you are doing to me right now by leaving that comment?

Unfortunately, I am sure you can all think back to one or another situations where you have also been made to feel inadequate by another parent!

All Mothers are different, and all Mothers love their children right? So, why all the hatred and negativity, from other Mothers towards Mothers, that are in the same boat trying to do the best they can to raise their children?


Parents choose many many ways to bring up children and no matter your personal choice there is going to be another parent who is doing completely the opposite and unfortunately may give you a hard time about it!

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