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Get the Sillies Out with Yo Gabba Gabba!

Once upon a time, and not too long ago, on any given weekend night my husband and I would surely be out and about in New York City at a party, a nightclub, an event, or a bar. This was our life. We were hands-down the life of every party, and up till the crack-of-dawn with the best of the Partiers.

Of course, this was before our Son, Miles Storm was born and we became parents – things change so fast once that happens doesn’t it?

Where I am going with this is – Wow, I never thought that I would be heading out to Madison Square Garden to go to a Children’s Show as an evening activity. But, this is my life now and I Love It.

This Friday Babes and I took our Little One to see a live performance of his all time favorite TV show  – Yo Gabba Gabba! And a great time was had by all.

Yo Gabba Gabba has an awesome story behind it, being penned by 2 Fathers (Scott Schultz and Christian Jacobs) who were fed up with children’s television thus deciding to write their own. Neither of them had any experience in childhood broadcasting or early education, they just kind of wrote from their hearts and it worked. Thankfully, Yo Gabba Gabba dawned on Scott and Christian, as millions of children around the world are in Love with their brainchild, and surely there will be many more children to come who will also reap the joy.

Yo Gabba Gabba first went to air in 2008 and is now shown in many countries around the world including my home Australia. As well as, Canada, Italy, France, the UK and Ireland.

The show titled “Get The Sillies Out” was amazing to see – it was fun, colorful, upbeat and bright. There really was not a dull moment, and I had a great time jigging Miles up in the air to all the wonderful music. He really enjoyed himself, and so did I. Babes also loved the show (especially when Hip Hop legend Biz Markie hit the stage), however he excused himself halfway through the experience expressing that he had a meeting to attend, leaving me to handle the rest of the nights adventures. I wasn’t expecting that but I took it all in my stride and made everything still work out.

Once the 84 minute show was over I carried Miles (thankfully with the help of my Ergo carrier) across the Street to attend the “Meet and Greet” of characters at the Pennsylvania Hotel, where we had photo opportunities with the cast including Plex, Foofa, Brobee and Muno!

I mean, this was the maddest part of all as I was wearing 6 inch stiletto boots, carrying him in his carrier, navigating through the madness of NYC in Madison Square Garden, carrying bags and trying to take photos with all the characters so we did not miss anything! I was on a mission. Oh yeah, then trying to hail a taxi peak traffic to drive us back to Brooklyn! Insanity.

But, besides all of this we had a great time. Miles was in awe, he just could not believe his little eyes that he was seeing these guys for real. And, the reason I have such a big smile on my face in most of these photos is because of his reactions to seeing his favorite guys.

“YO GABBA GABBA LIVE Get The Sillies Out” is currently on tour across the USA. I highly recommend it, there is just nothing like seeing the characters in real life…. they are so TALL!

You can view all dates and locations at the YO GABBA GABBA LIVE site HERE! Ticket prices range at every venue ranging from $30 up per person.

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Something Wonderful happened in New York last night…. yes the the magical Land Of Nod opened in SOHO!

Something magical happened in New York City last night – right bang smack in the middle of a snow blizzard – my favorite children’s store, The Land of Nod, opened as a Pop-Up in SOHO downtown Manhattan.

And, I am beyond excited!

I am fortunate to have been invited to the official opening, and I have to tell you it was crazy out. It was a full-blown freezing cold blizzard but that did not stop me. I was going to get there no matter what!

Most people probably would have stayed home under the circumstances, but I was so excited to have a first peak…

To explain; when I was pregnant, I spent hours setting up my baby registry on the LON website, and was so happy when I started receiving gifts for my then baby boy. I did secretly wish though, that I could walk into the store, feel the materials & see the colors in person so actually having the opportunity to do this was a dream come true.

Up until last week, New Yorkers could only buy from The Land of Nod by ordering online, through their catalogue or physically visiting one of their brick and mortar stores in Chicago or Seattle. But not anymore!

The SOHO location is a beautiful whimsical space, set up like an enchanted forest, stocked to the brim with unique toys, books, festive decorations, clothing and play tents. Giant stuffed animals greet you looking out through the window, and they have this really cool photo wall which you can have your picture taken in (like me).

Besides being a gorgeous toy store, The Land of Nod, have a pretty busy event schedule offering free workshops to keep Little Ones entertained like Face Painting, Festive Storytime and DIY Arts & Crafts. I probably don’t need to write this but I plan on taking my 2-year-old Son to as many as possible.

If you are in the SOHO area,  Stop By & Say Hello, but hear Words Of Warning, Do not Expect To Leave Empty-Handed! I think it would be near impossible to walk in and leave without buying something.

The Land of Nod is open Monday – Saturday 10AM to 8PM and Sunday 10AM to 7PM. Located at 136 Prince Street between Wooster and West Broadway in downtown NYC.

At this time the store is planned to close on December 31st 2012, but maybe, if we are lucky, and make them feel really welcome, The Land Of Nod will stay in our beautiful city for good.

I would Love That!

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Ring A Ding Ding is Beautiful!

Last week Miles Storm and I were invited (by Mama Drama NY) to attend the colorful English production “Ring A Ding Ding” at The New Victory Theater in Times Square NYC. And, I am so glad we went! The acclaimed British based Children’s Theater Company, Oily Cart, have created nothing short of a Wonderland in this 1 hour interactive show, which wowed my little boy’s socks off! I was pretty impressed myself. It was such a beautiful experience to be apart of.

Incorporated into the story of a girl, Alice, looking for her lost dog, are all kinds of wonderful things like the man in the moon, a motorbike, a boat, a milkman and a funny sailor captain. All of which are created by intertwining the use of people and puppets. It was all very clever. The main stage was unique in that it required the audience to sit around a wooden wheel of a table with the actors performing mainly in the center creating an up close and personal vibe. The effects were fun too including water-mistings, fog and lighted balls!

My Son has just turned 2, and although the show is recommended for 3 years and up, he was able to handle it perfectly. He really enjoyed watching the dog traipse around on his antics riding a motorbike and flying in a hot air balloon! He kept pointing and saying “Mummy Motorbike Dog” – it was very cute.

The interactive element included the children being encouraged to get up from the stage to walk through hoops helping to find the Sailor Captain’s drink and biscuits, and the grand finale of dancing at a moon party with the help of George the one-band band – who rides an awesome looking oversized bicycle around the stage by the way!

For $20 per ticket, you cannot go wrong with this as an outing with your Little Ones. I definitely hope to see it with my little boy again before the season ends on Sunday November 11th.

Want more information? You can contact “The New Victory Theater” on 42nd Street at 646.223.3010, or you can click HERE for show times and availability. Go See it, you will be happy you did!

Let’s visit the Prospect Park Wonderland in Brooklyn!

Last week, I decided to take Miles Storm on a day trip to Prospect Park, which is in Brooklyn about 4 miles from where we live in Williamsburg. It was a pleasant day, he’d slept in late (amazing as therefore so did I) and as a result we had missed his morning art-class meaning that I had to come up with another activity to keep him entertained. I have lived in NYC for 10 years, and Prospect Park has been one of the places I have always wanted to visit however it never happened – the same with The Intrepid and the American Museum of Natural History. Now that Miles Storm is here it looks like all that will finally manifest, as goodness knows I have tried to convince my husband to tag along with me for years to no avail!

The 585 acre Prospect Park is a wonderful wonderful space which was designed by the same revolutionary who designed Central Park (as well as many other parks) from the mid 1800′s onwards – Frederick Law Olmsted. Frederick, known as the founder of landscape architecture is one man I would love to go back in time and meet to say thank-you! The contrast of being able to step off a crazy busy city Street into a nature wonderland is magical – there is a Zoo, a Carousel, the old-time Lefferts farm-house, library, so many beautiful old trees and the gorgeous Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. And, this is only in vicinity of where we were, there is so much more to see! New York City is truly blessed to have such a place to visit.

We started at the Zoo, where we visited the Sea Lions, Toucans, Dingoes, Red Pandas and Turtles. The Zoo is quite quaint being able to see it all in about 2 hours. There is a nice grassed area to sit down for a picnic and eat your own food, unless you want to buy snacks from the vending machines on site. I wish I had known this beforehand as I was expecting at least a café of some sort.

Next up, we went for a ride on the Merry-Go-Around. Yay, I love Merry-Go-Arounds! The Carousel is as vintage as can-be having this month having celebrated 100 years in operation. It boasts a dragon drawn chariot, a lion and 53 magnificently designed horses. Can you imagine the hundreds of thousands of children that have ridden on it over the years? Word of Warning – The ride gets really fast at one point, the wind was whipping through our hair at speed and we really had to hold on for dear life. And, how we laughed, what is it about carousels that just make you laugh? Good times!

By this stage, Miles Storm was getting sleepy with all the excitement, and there was still so much to do. We crossed the road to visit the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, which is $10 admission, and totally worth every cent. Miles Storm played in a child friendly area which had a water table and a dirt pit where he looked for worms…. he was covered from head to toe in dirt. Then just like that, he was in his pram and fast asleep. Wake up Miles Storm Wake Up! I mean, we only were able to see such a small part of the Botanical Gardens. However, before we left I was able to sit down, take a deep breath and eat a top-notch kale/arugula salad at the outdoor café, and I am fussy so be assured it was delicious!

I wish we could have stayed all day, and I cannot wait to visit the Park again soon.

Miles Storm on the 100-year-old Carousel in Prospect Park, Brooklyn NY