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Resource every Mum & Dad in NYC should be aware of – City MD

Having your first child is a wonderful experience filled with Up and Downs. Highs filled with wonder and joy, and Lows where you are in frightening situations where you are at a loss and not sure what to do. One of the most frightening experiences personally is when Miles Storm is not physically 100% and we have to take him to the hospital ER. In the last 2.5 years this has happened say 6 times for a variety of reasons like high fevers, falls and vomiting. One fall even lead to him have a precautionary cat scan. Scary right?

My family divides time living in New York City during the week, and 2 hours North of NYC upstate in the quaint little town of Rhinebeck on weekends. We have been doing this for 7 years. Contrastively, we have the best of the city and country living.

The Northern Dutchess Hospital is located a few miles away from our home in Rhinebeck and is nothing short of exceptional. Thankfully, all the visits to the ER with Miles have been upstate and not in New York City. We were actually there this past weekend as my Son had a stomach bug and could not stop vomiting. We have always been placed in a room immediately, and the staff and Doctors are wonderful. Every experience has been reassuring, thoughtful and patiently explained.

But, in New York City a friendly small country hospital is not an option that is available. Due to the amount of people here, the Emergency Rooms can be horrible experiences. I have been a patient in hospital emergency rooms in NYC a few times and neither was a pleasant experience. First of all, insurance seems to be the most important thing when you walk in. Even having insurance, I’ve been made to feel like I am a criminal while it was checked and double checked before going any further. And, the waits!! You will wait hours and hours to see a Doctor. I once had a blood clot in my leg from a fall and I waited at NYU Hospital downtown for 3 hours before I was seen – a blood clot is an extremely volatile situation. Obviously, I was okay. I did stay overnight but as they had no beds available in rooms I was on a stretcher in a corridor. It makes me shudder to think about it. The hospitals feel very impersonal, and like the Doctor is always in a rush to get on to the next situation. I dread ever having to take my Son to the ER in this city.

This is why I was excited to be invited to a Mummy Blogger Q&A event recently to meet the Doctors and team that are behind City MD which is a walk-in emergency care center in Manhattan. I had never heard of City MD before and now have this as a reassurance that if  somebody in my family does have a mini-emergency, when in the city, we have an alternative to a hospital ER room.

At the moment there are 6 locations with more coming soon – Upper West Side, Upper East Side, Columbus Circle, Union Square, East 67th Street and Flatiron. The majority of the Doctors who work at City MD are experienced Emergency Room Doctors who are affiliated with Cornell University. I took a tour of the facility on the Upper West Side and it is very clean with state of the art equipment. City MD assure that you will be seen by a Doctor in no later than 20 minutes ; which is amazing. The are open Monday – Saturday 8AM – 10PM and weekends from 9AM – 9PM.

City MD definitely beats going to a New York City hospital any day!

**Please see below for a little clip showing the facility. This is to be used on the community site Romio which is a local website with recommendations from friends and neighborhood experts.

Left to Right – Me, Jessica who writes the Blog “Mommas Gone City”, Serena who writes the Blog “Mama Goes Natural”,  Tarik Sansal CEO of Romio, Dr John Kahoun of CityMD, Wendy who writes the Blog “Mama One Two Three”  and Calvin Hwang the Chief Branding Officer of City MD

Amazing Vegetable Soup, perfect for a Little One with an ear-ache

A few days ago we realized Miles Storm was not feeling well, and when we checked his temperature it was just over 102 (poor little guy). We took him straight to the ER at the local Northern Dutchess Hospital where we were for 3 hours waiting to see what was wrong with him. He just laid there on the bed as limp as limp, which was so heart breaking to see. It ended up, that he had a bad ear infection which we assume he developed because he had been in the pool the day before. My Son participates in swimming lessons at an amazing school in Brooklyn called Aqua Beba. He is already swimming under water so he had spent most of the time in the pool with his head submerged.

When we were at the hospital my mother-in-law offered to make some soup for him, which is perfect when you are not feeling very well – a yummy home-made soup.

Miles Storm and I are predominately vegetarians who occasionally eat some seafood. We do not eat animals and we cannot eat any cow milk products or gluten because if we do we both develop skin conditions.  We prefer only to serve organic foods as the whole vibe of eating pesticides and chemicals on your food is very frightening. Unfortunately, organic foods are not always available but we do our very best. I think this is the reason so many more people are getting sick in the world and wholeheartedly believe in “You are what you eat”.

This soup is really healthy and very quick and simple to make. You can also freeze it, and it keeps well in the fridge for up to 5 days.


  • A quarter a cup of Olive Oil
  • 2 organic carrots
  • Half a cup of organic peas
  • 1 organic sweet potato
  • 3 organic Italian Plum tomatoes
  • Half an organic cauliflower
  • Organic corn from 2 cobs
  • 1 organic zucchini
  • 8 garlic cloves
  • Amore Pesto Paste (this paste has no cheese in it)
  • Amore Tomato Paste
  • Salt and Pepper to taste

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Did anyone, like me, consider a Water-Birth that never happened?

It seems to be common knowledge, if you are a holistic-minded mummy in New York City, that there is not one hospital on the Island of Manhattan that approves of water births. There is a birthing tub at St Luke’s Hospital but it is apparently there ONLY for relief before a mother gives birth, rather than for a mother to give birth in?

The Pro’s for having a baby in water seem endless – promotes relaxation, speeds up labor, reduces blood pressure, reduces the need for drugs and intervention, and is a gentler welcoming for a baby (among many other things).

I was 100% per cent dedicated to having a water-birth, amplified by the quite renowned Neugarten Family Birth Center  located in the country town of Rhinebeck where I spend weekends upstate New York. The clinic opened in 1985 as the first hospital-based birthing center in New York State, which is very impressive! The water tubs were not added until 2000, but now on average annually 800 mothers travel from near and far to give birth at the facility. And why not, Rhinebeck is such a beautiful little town.

My husband and I took our official tour at Neugarten Family Birth Center months before Miles Storm was even close to being born. It is a lovely facility. I especially loved that the babies stay in the rooms with the Mummies after birth.

As I live between the city and the country, I had great plans of seeing my pregnancy through with my city Ob/Gyn Dr Andrea Dobrenis who delivers at New York Presbyterian Hospital in NYC, and then moving to an upstate mid-wife when it was closer to my delivery date. But, a few things happened A) I fell in love with Dr Dobrenis’s attitude and approach, and B) Miles Storm was breech.

Approximately a month before my Son’s deliver date I went to the hospital for a routine check-up and was told I had hardly any amniotic fluid in my body, and as a protection mechanism his body had started shunting blood to his head resulting in his head getting bigger. If I hadn’t been lying down, I would have fallen down from shock….. and the nurse was so casual about it all!!! It was all so unexpected. Long story short; I was directed over to the Labor and Maternity ward to have an emergency c-section!

Miles Storm was born just over 5 pounds perfectly healthy, and I made it through the ordeal just fine too. I had a great experience at the hospital, and I love Dr Andrea Dobrenis – she is one in a million!

The question is – if I ever have another baby will I want to try the water-birth thing again? The answer is – of course absolutely.

Miles Storm 6 days of age.