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We LOVE Jack n’ Jill Non-Toxic toothpaste in our family home!

Jack n Jill toothpaste and NOW YOU KNOW!

My Son’s first tooth grew in around 1 year of age. The same time my first tooth popped up when I was a little girl. With this came the simple enough realization that my husband and I would have to start brushing his teeth. Another New Experience, yep welcome to having your first child!

I struggled on this journey with my Son because he HATED having his teeth brushed – he would keep his mouth closed shut like lockjaw, cry and would jump around making it difficult to brush all of his teeth, not to mention dangerous. I tried all kinds of things – playing games, singing songs and bribery but nothing seemed to work.

Eventually it dawned on me that maybe the taste of the toothpaste was not pleasant to him. Additionally, I wondered if there were harmful ingredients in his toothpaste we were using at that time. I mean, why wouldn’t there be? There are toxins everywhere; toys, shampoos, body lotions, food, drinks! You can’t get away from them.

After doing some research I found I was right about the toxins. Take a minute to look at the list of ingredients on your child’s toothpaste – do you know what most of them are, I didn’t. And, I want to mention here that the FDA does not even require studies or testing to ensure the safety of products (like toothpaste) before they are available to the public. To me, that is just crazy especially as our Little Ones bodies are new and still developing making them more sensitive to chemical onslaught.

Ingredients in Children’s toothpaste usually include Sodium Fluoride which is an ingredient in Rat Poison, Hydrated Silica which if you dried out becomes the little packets you see in some packaged foods saying “Do Not Eat”, Sorbitol and Glycerine which ironically are both forms of sugar alcohol, Sodium Saccharin an artificial sweetener, Cellulose Gum which is an artificial thickener and not forgetting Methylparaben which is a preservative linked to cancer, skin and eye damage and male fertility issues!

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Raw Juicing is the Way to Go

I love to juice fresh raw organic fruits, herbs and vegetables. During the winter months I do not do it so much but during the warmer part of the year when our vegetable garden upstate is blooming, I juice a lot! It is a great way to get your daily dosage of fruit and veggies right off the bat and a wonderful way to start the day. I like to throw whatever produce we have in the house into the Juicer (including scraps like apple cores and kale stalks), and hope for the best! For my little boy I have to be more predictable like giving him mango or carrot juice… you know, keep it simple or else he will not drink it.

Last November in the USA it was found that 10 percent of apple juices tested had total arsenic levels greater than the Food and Drug Administration standard for drinking water. The harmful arsenic found was inorganic, which is a human carcinogen. According to the FDA web page the reason it is being detected in apple juice is because arsenic-based pesticides were commonly used in United States up until 1970, and it is still showing up now! You can read more about that HERE.

I mean, I cannot say that this surprises me, but it was still slightly shocking. What effect will this arsenic have on children, being smaller in body size and still developing, who are innocently drinking juices tainted with arsenic?

My husband and I have always been concerned about commercial juices mainly because of the sugar levels, and all the unnecessary additives. As a result we only let Miles Storm drink water, which he loves. Sometimes he has juices that are raw with no added preservatives or sugar (like from an organic juice bar) or juices we make ourselves from pesticide-free food. He does not drink sodas, but you probably already knew that one! As far as milk he is still being breastfed, however if need-be we give him organic goat milk or coconut milk because he is allergic to cow milk.

With bought meals/drinks, it is so hard to really know what you are entirely eating so it is always best to make your own if you can. We know that cooking foods or pasteurizing drinks means sacrificing nutritional value so by juicing the produce raw you keep all the vitamins and minerals intact.  Also, making your own juice keeps plastic bottles out of landfills and cuts back on food-waste being produced by your kitchen.

As an occasional special treat (as it is high in calories) & when I do not have time to juice, me and Miles Storm love love love the Blue Print Cleanse Cold-Pressed White Cashew Water Vanilla Cinnamon Agave drink! It is so yummy. We fought over the last bottle I bought…. literally. He won as you know being a Mummy you give your children everything to keep them smiling.  You must try it if you can! Blue Print Juices are freshly cold-pressed, raw, organic and unpasteurized. Amazing!

Me and Miles Storm fighting over the last of a drink of the BP cleanse Cashew Milk.