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Nappies are a thing of the past – Thanks to Big Boy Super-Hero Undies, Lego & the Mail Man for that one!

Thanks to the Big Boy Super Hero Undies, Lego Figurines and regular visits from the Mysteriously Aloof Mail Man — Miles Storm is now finally out of Nappies and Potty-Trained

Before Miles was born, a forward thinking hippy friend told me about Elimination Communication.

Elimination Communication or Infant Potty Training is raising a baby from birth without Nappies (AKA Diapers) or at the least, using minimal Nappies. Having already heard about this, when my baby boy was around 7 months of age I noticed that every morning around the same time he had to go Potty, so I thought – Let’s try this Elimination Communication thing out.

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Nappy Free in NYC! Let’s do this Miles Storm!

This morning, I attended the Diaper Free, Elimination Communication meet-up at Caribou Baby in Greenpoint. It was amazing, and I am so glad that I went. I feel so much the wiser now as to what the next steps shall be to get my 20 month old out of nappies. Better late than never.

I successfully practiced “EC” with Miles Storm from 7 months of age, however at around 14 months he just stopped going on the potty. He would cry every time I put him on it. He had regressed, and apparently this is quite common? It left me in quite a spot-of-confusion, especially as I really do not know any other Mummies who have tried EC who I could discuss with.

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Let’s Chat about Elimination Communication!

When I was pregnant, a girlfriend used to tell me about her “hippie” friends in Mexico who had their babies out of nappies and potty trained  before they were a year old. This was my introduction to “Elimination Communication”, it sounded a bit far-fetched to me at first but now it seems exactly the opposite.

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