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Willy B Mum Whipped Body Butters

I started making body butter moisturizing creams as soon as it dawned on me how scary the chemicals and unnecessary toxins that go into similar products on most store shelves are.

There seems to be a lot of awareness of the pros and cons consuming certain foods these days, but what about we put on our body? I feel like we do not address that issue as much; however It is just as important that we moisturize with safe, healthy and wholesome products, as, after all, it is absorbed by the skin, the largest organ of our body.

A few months back, as a hobby, I played around in my kitchen making creams. I then gave them out to friends to see what they thought? Well, I was so surprised by the response, everybody loved them and now, here I am, selling them.

Willy B Mum body butters are homemade with organic vegan food-based plant ingredients; just the way nature intended. Nothing artificial is used. We do not use anything that may be harmful to our environment or our beautiful animals. No Palm Oil here. No Plastic here. But, there is a lot of love and a ton of excitement.

All ingredients are medicinal and beneficial to put on one’s body, and they smell great. I slather myself in the butter every evening straight out of the shower before jumping into bed. My husband likes to use it on his hands and feet, and we put it on our 3-year-old Son to help with his dry skin.

It is just such a wonderful feeling to put something on my body that I made and that I 100% know is safe and not riddled with who knows what. And, you too can also have that reassurance. This product has the Willy B Mum seal of approval; there is nothing dodgy going on around here!

If you interested in buying a Willy B Mum Body Butter you can now do so at our Etsy store HERE.

As we are so excited about this new venture and we want you to be too, as a special offer through May 31st 2014 we are offering $5 off by using code WillyBMumGO

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