Fall Awards Giveaway

The Green Scene Mom Awards celebrate niche, eco-friendly products and innovative product designs. We are very excited to announce the 2014 Fall Award Winners! Many of these great companies have also contributed prizes to Green Scene Mom’s Fall Awards Giveaway. Enter to win below!

Green Scene Mom 2014 Fall Award Winners

Baby Buddy Tooth TissuesBaby Buddy Tooth Tissues
Tooth Tissues make cleaning a baby’s teeth simple and easy to introduce regular oral care to a young child. Tooth Tissues are the natural first step to brushing a child’s teeth after every meal and they’re a simple way to ensure a baby isn’t negatively affected by oral bacteria. Award Details »

bambu natural utensilsbambu natural utensils
bambu’s natural feeding products are an eco-friendly twist on conventional baby utensils. Each product is created to meet a need within the various stages from infancy to childhood and each item is shaped to be easy to use by kids learning to feed themselves. Award Details »

Bumkins Finer Baby ProductsBumkins Finer Baby Products
Bumkins has a huge selection of eco-friendly products that are available in coordinating prints. Bumkins waterproof bags and cloth diapers are easy to use and clean and help reduce household trash. Award Details »

Buttons Cloth DiapersButtons Cloth Diapers
Buttons Cloth Diapers make diapering easy and Eco-friendly. Their new prints are so adorable and feature quality details, sturdy leg gussets, and a simple adjustable snap system that allows the diaper to grow with your baby. Award Details »

Cache Coeur Signature Maternity LingerieCache Coeur Signature Maternity Lingerie
Cache Coeur offers elegant solutions for pregnancy and nursing to make life more comfortable and stylish. Their lingerie line includes designs that are functional and embellished with feminine details. Award Details »

Cupcake Organic Nursing PadsCupcake Organic Nursing Pads
Cupcake Nursing Pads are made from high-quality cotton and are easy to assemble and clean. They offer great coverage in preventing leaks and provide peace of mind while breastfeeding. Award Details »

Cushy CloserCushy Closer
Cushy Closers are an innovative and streamlined way to keep a door from latching. They are ideal for use on doors to rooms where kids are napping, since the cushion allows the door to be closed but muffles any door closing sounds. Award Details »

Eepples MilkCharmsEepples MilkCharms
Eepples MilkCharms are designed to help moms easily label, track, and organize their breast milk supply. The MilkCharm is a reusable dial system that lets moms quickly and easily set and read the day and time when breast milk was pumped. Award Details »

Emily Press Write Your Own LabelsEmily Press Write Your Own Labels
Emily Press waterproof labels are an innovative way to create your own personalized labels. Write on the labels with a permanent marker then seal in your writing with the built-in laminate. These dishwasher-safe labels make it easy to personalize or label your items. Award Details »

It's The Balm Pregnancy Pamper KitIt’s The Balm Pregnancy Pamper Kit
It’s The Balm Pregnancy Pamper Kit includes belly balm, cooling foot scrub, whipped foot balm, and peppermint lip balm, each created with a combination of natural and essential oils formulated to heal and soothe. Organic raw shea butter, peppermint, eucalyptus, and tea tree oil are among the natural ingredients used in this natural pampering kit. Award Details »

Lotus Everywhere CribLotus Everywhere Crib
The Lotus Travel Crib by Guava Family is an everywhere crib designed for easy portability and set up. It has mesh breathable sides all the way down to the mattress and a zipper opening in one side for easy access into the crib. The crib can be set up in 15 seconds and it fits into a compact case small enough for a carry-on. Award Details »

Milkies Milk-SaverMilkies Milk-Saver
The Milkies Milk-Saver collects leaking breast milk as a mom nurses, allowing them to store extra breast milk effortlessly with each feeding. The Milk-Saver collects the milk that is leaked when breast milk lets down. It’s slim and portable, minimizes leaks and comes with a durable case. Award Details »

Poncho Baby Roly BlanketsPoncho Baby Roly Blankets
The Poncho Baby Roly Blanket is a super-soft blanket that rolls into a compact clutch for easy carrying. The blanket is made from a double layer of soft cotton. It rolls up and attaches with a snap fastener. Award Details »

Rubber Ducky & Friends Kids' ShowerheadRubber Ducky & Friends Kids’ Showerhead
Rubber Duckie & Friends showerheads are a fun way to introduce showering to young children. The character shower heads look like bath toys and help parents transition their kids from bathing in the tub to taking showers on their own. Award Details »

Shaikoo Hands Free TowelShaikoo Hands Free Towel
The Shaikoo Towel Wrap was designed to simplify bath time and make baby bathing a fun, safe and relaxing experience. With a simple and durable Velcro-brand fastener around the neck, parents have both their left and right hands available to safely lift, cradle, and dry their wet baby. Award Details »

Strider Sport BikeStrider Sport Bike
Strider Bikes are easy to use by toddlers and kids who can’t pedal yet. They also allow kids to “skip” the tricycle stage and advance to mastering gliding and balance skills that will help them eventually ride a standard bike. Award Details »

Tubby TableTubby Table
The Tubby Table is an educational bath play surface for toddlers that suctions in the middle of the tub, giving kids a sturdy and safe surface while keeping water and toys inside the tub. Award Details »

Yummi Gear LunchboxesYummi Gear Lunchboxes
Yummi Gear lunchboxes make it easy to take lunch on the go. They are designed to be easy to open for little fingers and keep lunch organized. Yummi Gear lunchboxes have 3 compartments to keep a sandwich, snacks and fruit separate and ready to enjoy. Award Details »

Zipadee-Zip Wearable BlanketZipadee-Zip Wearable Blanket
Zipadee-Zip helps a baby have the cozy, enclosed, womb-like feel of the swaddle but it allows a baby push up, roll over, and wiggle around safely and freely. It encourages self-soothing and longer, sounder sleep, prevents scratching, and keeps little hands warm all night long. Award Details »

Enter to win this amazing $400 prize package of award winning products!

Baby Buddy Tooth Tissues
Milkies Milk-Saver
CupCake nursing pads + insertable liners
Eepples MilkCharms set of 3
2 Zipadee-Zip wearable blankets
Bumkins 2 Nixi wet bags, 2 reusable snack bags, and 2 Snap-In-One cloth diapers
2 packages Emily Press Write Your Own Classic labels
It’s The Balm Vanilla-Sandalwood Spa Kit
Yummi Gear lunchboxes set of 4
Rubber Duckie & Friends Duckie the Duck Bath & Shower Wand
Poncho Baby Roly Blanket
Tubby Table bathtime play table
Buttons Diapers 1 one-size diaper cover and 2 hemp/cotton diaper inserts
bambu Hemp Denim baby bib

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Fall Awards Giveaway - Green Scene Mom

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FuzziBunz Cloth Diaper giveaway

FuzziBunz Cloth Diaper Trial Starter Pack Giveaway

Hosted by: mama pure

Co-Hosted by: Crunchy Livin’ Mama Style & Baby’s Nest

Sponsored by: FuzziBunz

FuzziBunz Cloth Diapers is under new ownership and they are launching an exciting new diaper, the One-Size Adjustable Cloth Pocket Diaper! This diaper comes in size Small and size Large to give you the absolute best fit but will still fit your baby up through potty training. The diaper also features amazing custom sizing options with adjustable leg and waist elastic not found on other diaper brands. mama pure had the opportunity to test out both diaper sizes so you can see the difference in fit to help you choose which would work best for your baby. Be sure to read the full review to learn more details about this diaper!

To celebrate the new One-Size Adjustable Cloth Pocket Diaper mama pure has teamed up with FuzziBunz to give away a Trial Starter Package which includes 2 one-size adjustable cloth pocket diapers and a hanging wet bag! This giveaway will run from 9/28 at 12am EST through 10/15 at 11:59pm EST. It is open to the US & CAN. Void where prohibited. Please use the rafflecopter below to enter.

Good Luck, and Thanks for stopping by Willy B Mum.

Peace, Love and Cloth Diapers Make the World Go Around.

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Planning on having a baby soon, pregnant or nursing; don’t forget your vitamins

Go Green Juice Go

Go Green Juice Go

My little munchkin turned 4 years of age last week, and I mean, I do not even know where the time went. It seems like yesterday that I was pregnant, freaking out about how my husband and I were going to be able to look after a baby, and wondering whether I was going to be a good Mum? I guess, time flies when you are having fun, and I sure have had a ton of fun so far raising my Son. He is the Apple Of My Eye, and I am so happy he came along. It is really hard to look back and remember a life without him.

I have always wanted at least 3 children, however my husband wants no more than 2 children. It has been a constant sore subject discussing our next child, however we do seem to be in the same place wanting another child soon. And, while we are not trying, I am preparing to try. So what exactly does that mean?

Well, there are quite a few changes of late that I have made in my lifestyle to increase my chances of getting pregnant quickly the second time around;

  • A year ago I cut out all alcohol out of my diet; like it or not, drinking alcohol can have an effect on female fertility. Alcohol can cause hormone imbalances disrupting the menstrual cycle and making it difficult to conceive
  • I have taken prenatal vitamins for a year; prenatal vitamins are very similar to a daily multi-vitamin but they generally contain higher levels of things like folic acid. Folic acid aids in making the neural tube which will eventually become the brain and spinal cord of your baby. It is not necessary to take prenatals before getting pregnant, but a lot of Mothers decide to do so, and I am one of them. Why? Well why not? Vitamins help our bodies to run at top speed keeping our hormones balanced, our nervous system running smoothly and our organs healthy, which in turn can help with conceiving and bringing forth a healthy bundle of joy. I take a vegan supplement made by Rainbow Light which you can read more about HERE

Another way a woman can consume the nutritional support they need, while on this journey, is with Bundle Organic PreNatal Juices

Most recently, I was introduced to, Bundle Organics, who are producing organic (yes, organic so that means no GMO ingredients) pasteurized juices, offering a delicious alternative for pregnant mothers, women preparing to get pregnant, and nursing mothers, to take in added nutritional support. The juices come in 3 flavors; Green (Kale Apple Lemon Ginger), Purple (Dark Berry and Veggies) or Orange (Orange Carrot Berry Ginger).


The nutrients and minerals in our juices – like calcium, vitamin D, omega 3, iron and folic acid – are good for you no matter where you are in your journey, whether you’re trying to conceive, pregnant or nursing. All our juices have 200mcg of folic acid. Many women don’t realize how important it is to increase folic acid consumption prior to attempting to have a baby. Because many women can be pregnant 4, 6 or 8 weeks before they even know it, taking folic acid prior to conception is an important way to ensure you have a good supply right from the very start — Bundle Organics website

The juices can be bought directly through the Bundle Organic website, being offered in sets of 3-packs for $18, so $6 per 16 ounce bottle. Want a little more than a one-off delivery? Well, you can also subscribe to a monthly plan where you have your juices delivered straight to your door each month, this includes free delivery plus an additional $16 off your complete order each month. Talk about easy-peasy. And, of course there are gift certificates that you can buy online, which are perfect for a baby shower present.

Organic Prenatal Juices; what a really great idea!

Thanks for stopping by Willy B Mum. Peace, Love and Plants Make the World Go Around.

**Please note at time of post, Bundle Organics are not certified vegan, more so vegetarian, however the company is working to change this as soon as possible. And, I can hardly wait till they do.

Bausc Skincare Giveaway

bausc-giveawayWelcome to the Bausc Natural Skincare Giveaway Event, hosted by the Green Moms Network! During this giveaway, you’ll have a chance to win a package of natural skin care products from Bausc valued at $112!

Bausc has made the commitment to help people reduce their toxic load by offering safe and luxurious alternatives to the skincare products we use every day. They offer everything from deodorant to skin care to bath and body products. They even have products for kids!

All of Bausc products are made fresh in small batches with only the highest quality natural and organic ingredients available. All of their products are completely free of artificial dyes, artificial fragrances, chemical preservatives, gluten, GMOs, harsh surfactants and detergents, penetration enhancers, petro-chemical derivatives, plasticizers, solvents and synthetic chemicals.

Chrystal from Happy Mothering recently had the opportunity to review a selection of products from Bausc. Read it here. From her review, the products seem pretty amazing!

I’m excited to bring you the opportunity to win a package of products from Bausc valued at $112!

The winner of this giveaway will receive:

  • Eye Love eye lift cream
  • Pear Naked body lotion
  • October roll on essential oil Perfume
  • Cucumber Mint Deodorant Powder
  • Spiced Orange Toddy Bar Soap
  • Summer Melon Lip Balm

Enter the Giveaway

This giveaway is open to US residents only and runs through October 7, 2014 at 11:59 pm Eastern. You can enter the giveaway via the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck!

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Plant Superfoods for Development

Routine and healthy habits are a crucial part of development. In order to ensure success, it’s important to provide a health-conscious foundation. So what foods should we be feeding our little ones? There are a lot of fads out there… and it seems like each week, the blogs are touting some new super veggie or ideal supplement. Where do you invest, and which superfoods do you opt to ignore?

When I’m running low on time and energy, it’s easy to be tempted to whip some mac and cheese or an overly processed boxed meal instead of making smart nutritional choices on behalf of my kids. It’s tough finding balance as a mom! That’s why I’ve compiled a handy list for you to consult while grocery shopping.

Over the years, I’ve found that it’s important to simplify and return to nature. Here are my top, vegan picks for feeding my youngsters. Instead of thinking of your fridge overhaul as “dieting,” consider it a “lifestyle change.” (Bonus: all the foods on our list are cost-effective, too!)

Vegan Protein Option – Quinoa
An ancient grain, quinoa is gaining popularity as a carb option that’s gluten-free and high in protein. The superfood can also be made into flour for pasta, utilised in baking, and incorporated into salads. You name it, quinoa can do it. It’s high in fiber and actually classified as a broadleaf vegetable, not a grain.

Best of all, quinoa is a great protein source for moms trying to raise their children with vegan, vegetarian, and/or organic nutrition. It has sustained people in South American cultures for generations. However, some research suggests that the new Western demand for the broadleaf has caused some locals to shy away from quinoa in order to gain from its exportation benefits. Do your research and see if it’s a good fit for you.

Avocados – Important Fats
It seems like Pinterest and the recipe blogs are full of avocado recipes and for good reason! It’s a power food that can improve not only your health but your skin, and can be mashed into guacamole, put into salads, and spread over toast. Plus, it’s an ideal option for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

If you have picky eaters, it’s also an ingredient your children will be sure to love due to its buttery, satisfying flavor and texture. Lots of fantastic websites have simple avocado recipes. Here’s one for a delicious kid-friendly avocado dip. Or, if you have some vegetarians in the house here is one for avocado baked eggs (just make sure the eggs are cage-free or even better from a local farm where you know the chickens are treated well).

Berries and Nuts
Take it from another mom, there’s nothing like a road trip or running errands to bring on “Hungry Kid Syndrome.” It’s important to plan ahead and have a backup strategy to satisfy grumbling bellies when they attack. My absolute favorite in-the-car treat is homemade trail mix. I combine walnuts, almond slivers, and dried fruits and berries for a protein-rich, energizing snack. Plus, making our own at home saves money and unnecessary packaging. (Just make sure your child doesn’t have any nut allergies.) With this combination, you’re getting important fats and good sugars! According to Everyday Health, walnuts fight inflammation, almonds have fiber and vitamin E, and cashews are rich in iron and zinc. Buy in bulk and save money and packaging.

photo 3
So what are your favorite Superfoods? Did any of your go-to ingredients make the list?

Thanks for stopping by Willy B Mum. Peace, Love and Plant Superfoods Make the World Go Around!

Cassie Brewer is a journalist living in Southern California.
She is passionate about helping others look and feel their best and finds that one of the best ways to accomplish this is through the foods that we eat.

Earth Weave Area Rug (giveaway)

earthweave-rug-giveaway-revisedWelcome to the Earth Weave Carpet Mills Area Rug Giveaway, hosted by the Green Moms Network. Today we’re excited to share a truly safe carpet company with you, and offer you the chance to win one of their safe, non-toxic and natural area rugs!

When you’re thinking about re-carpeting your home, what are the things that are most important to you? Many people rarely think about the toxins contained in most carpets, padding and the adhesives used to install them.

Indoor air has been found to contain 10 times as many pollutants as outdoor air. So it’s increasingly important for us to be aware that toxins that will be emitted into the air in our homes from carpet, that we otherwise wouldn’t think much about.

Did you know that new carpets contain volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), which include acetone, benzene, ethyl benzene, formaldehyde, styrene and toluene? Many of these compounds are listed on the Environmental Protection Agency’s register of Extremely Hazardous Substances.

They also contain substances known to be carcinogenic, including p-Dichlorobenzene, styrene (classified as a reasonably anticipated carcinogen) as well as other chemicals that are known to cause nerve damage, respiratory illness and hallucinations. In addition, new carpets are usually treated with other toxic chemicals, including brighteners, artificial dyes flame retardants, stain repellents, and moth proofing (a known neurotoxin).

And you’re not safe just because your carpet is Green Label Plus Certified. These carpets contain harmful chemicals, which are deemed to be low emitting in regard to volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) but the SBR adhesive buried within the backing is made up of more than 20% styrene and over 70% butadiene. This is where the term Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR) comes from. Even synthetic carpets such as nylon, polypropylene, and polyester carpets can display the Green Label Plus Certification. Consumers are not made aware that chemical laden synthetic carpets meet the same testing standards as the wool carpets that claim to be “green”, “eco”‘ “natural” etc.

Even the padding used under most carpets is not safe! According to studies, the padding most carpet companies use contains flame retardants that are considered toxic.

Fortunately, there is one company that offers all natural, non-toxic carpet, area rugs and padding – Earth Weave Carpet Mills Inc. Their innovative product, Bio-Floor, is made using undyed, untreated, wool together with hemp, cotton, jute and natural rubber.

Don’t be fooled by other companies that claim to be “green” or “natural.” Bio-Floor is the only truly nontoxic, all natural, healthy carpet made in North America. It’s great for people and families concerned about the toxins in their home and the environment.

earth-weave-constructionEarth Weave starts with the finest, most resilient wool available – British wool. There are no dyes, pesticides, moth proofing or stain protections used, which contain toxic chemicals negatively impacting your health. The primary backing they use is a combination of cotton and hemp (which is a great fiber due to its strength, durability and mold/mildew resistance). Earth Weave is the only carpet manufacturer in North America to incorporate an all-natural primary backing where the rest of the industry uses synthetic polypropylene for their primary.

The adhesive used to lock the wool yarns into place is natural as well, and is derived from the rubber tree. Paired with an all-natural jute secondary backing, the carpet is entirely biodegradable.

If you’re thinking about re-carpeting your home or business be sure to ask for Earth Weave at a carpet dealer near you. It’s the purest, healthiest carpet on the market, so you can feel confident it’s the best choice for your family.

Enter the Giveaway

Now onto the giveaway! If you’ve read this entire post, you’ll understand why I’m so excited to offer my readers a chance to win a completely safe and natural 4’ x 6’ area rug from Earth Weave Carpet Mills. The winner will receive the Pyrenees Wheat Rug, valued at $375! This mid-weight rug (38 oz.) is constructed with a distinct two color pattern. It’s very durable and soft, and made from the finest natural un-dyed, untreated wool available.

This giveaway runs through September 28, 2014 at 11:59 pm EST and is open to US residents only. Enter for your chance to win via the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck!

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Highlight on Snackaby, the most helpful reusable snack bags

My husband, is a bit of “control packer”, well that is actually an understatement. And, let’s get this straight – I Am Not Complaining in the slightest.

This all came to light when I met him 13 years ago, here in New York City. It was my first time leaving him to go back to Australia for a while, and he insisted on packing my suitcase for me. I did think it was a little weird at the time, but after he had finished packing I was really quite amazed. My husband knows how to pack a suitcase! Since then, I have literally never been allowed to pack my suitcase (or our Son’s) when we go on trips. My husband packs us all up meticulously, which as you can imagine is a lot stress on me so I am very much okay with it, especially as I am one of those packers that just throws everything in a suitcase and hopes for the best!

1609601_645098398860615_974805651_nA month ago, while preparing for an annual Summer holiday to Europe, my husband asked me to get out what I wanted to take with me. So, I had quite a few Snackaby bags to go into the mix for two reasons; 1 because I was planning to take photos and write a review and 2 because I knew everything that I wanted to pack was going to be really useful.

However, he was not happy with all the Snackaby bags I wanted to pack, which lead to a really really big argument. Like I said he is a “control packer”. He asked if we could please leave most of them at home, which I agreed with, to save fighting. And, when he was not looking I secretly packed them into my suitcase. Mission accomplished.

Snackaby Tote Bag

Once we arrived in Europe, my husband’s tune changed dramatically. Take the Snackaby tote bag for example; he loved it! He constantly raved about how comfortable it was with the thick cross-shoulder strap, and how well it evenly distributed the weight of whatever we had in the bag. Talk about a change.

The Snackaby tote bag retails for $29.99, and is a lot more than a pretty face. It can easily be washed in the washing machine if it gets dirty, and it folds down really small when it is not in use; which makes it perfect for traveling.  We used ours for going to the supermarket, the Beach and on day trips like walking around exploring the Old City of Dubrovnik.


My husband and I both used the tote bag while holidaying in Europe

Snackaby was started my a Mom, Jennifer Larson, who was concerned about the environment, healthy eating and a sustainable (local) economy. Each Snackaby bag can replace hundreds of plastic zip-lock bags in the family home. Plastic is Drastic; being responsible for many environmental problems we face in today’s world. Snackaby bags are easy to clean, being offered in a range of colors and shapes. They are also wipeable, durable, convenient and dishwasher safe.

Snackaby Snack Bags

The Snackaby Snacks Bags are lined with fabric made in North America known as Pro-Care. Pro-Care is FDA approved for storage of hot and cold food. They are zip up bags, which makes it really easy for my Son to get his food out of with his little hands, and the chances of anything spilling is minimal. I also like that you can keep a specific snack in these bags for a while. For example; my Son does not eat all of his pretzels at school each day, but the pretzels can stay in this bag until he eventually eats everything over a course of a week or so. This saves time packing new foods every morning for his lunch, and goodness knows us parents need every second we can get!

Each snack bag retails for $14.99, and are also good for non-food items. While on holiday in Europe, my husband used our silver one to carry our electronic cords for our computers and phones!


Perfect for Pretzels


Nuts and Pumpkin Seeds

Snackaby Sandwich Bags

For all the use you will get out of these sandwich bags, I personally think the price tag of $18.99 each, is completely reasonable. Not forgetting that you will never use plastic single-use bags again. Love that; making it really easy for all of us to be that little bit greener in our daily lives.

These bags are so easy to clean, even with a somewhat watery fruit salad (shown in picture below), just pull the bag inside out and put on the top rack of your dishwasher. Or, just scrub with a brush that you use to clean dishes with by hand by, and let dry in a dish rack.

Dried mango is a great school snack

Dried mango is a great school snack


Fresh fruit salad

Snackaby offer other products like wet bags for bathers etc. This is another item which again my husband fell in love with while holidaying in Europe! We used our wet bag every single day for hats, floaties, sun tops and bathers coming home from the Beach. The Wet Bags are quite big and can easily fit bathers for a family of 3, like mine. This is one must-have item if you want to make your life easier on a beach holiday for sure! They retail for just under $30.

Like most of Snackaby’s bags this is also multi-purpose. My husband packed up all of my Son’s magna-tiles in ours on the way to and from our holiday destination – he’s an ideas man!


The wet bag fits a lot

As you can tell, in our home many Snackaby products are being put to very good use. I did not know about Snackaby before Willy B Mum was approached by Jennifer, the brainchild behind this company. However, I am now a huge fan, and I am really happy to write that so is my husband; this means on our next family holiday there is not going to be any arguing, in fact these products are going to be one of the first things to be packed. You go Snackaby bags, you really proved yourself. Ha!

Thanks for stopping by Willy B Mum.

Peace, Love and Snackaby Bags make the world go around!

Stuck on You labels & personalized gifts (giveaway)

When he was 2 and at his first morning school

When he was 2 and at his first morning school

It seems like yesterday, that my husband and I put our Son into his first school-like environment for the first time. He had just turned 2 years of age. Personally, I thought it was way too young for him to be heading out the door, and on the other hand my husband thought it was normal. Maybe that is the difference of me being Australian and him being a born and bred New Yorker. In Australia, the accepted age for children to go to school is 5 or 6. In New York City, it seems the sooner the better.

Fast forward 2 years and Miles Storm is gearing up to go to Pre-K 5 mornings a week. Yes, children everywhere in the United States will be back in school if not already, very soon. For me, this is a first time experience and yes I am starting to freak out a little. I am going to miss him so much and being a stay-at-home-mum it is going to take some getting used too. Thankfully though, he is only in class for half days.

Making It Easier

I have his most important items labeled with Stuck on You labels; backpack, water bottle, snack bags (from Snackaby), sunscreen lotion and his little glass jars. There is nothing worse that losing one of my Son’s items, it creates a maddening situation ending with me either tearing the house apart, or having to go and buy a replacement. Either way it is not fun.

However, I am thinking ahead this time, by being prepared and labeling all the things he needs for school ready for Day 1. Fingers crossed, this reduces the chance of something getting lost. And, as an added bonus, I am pretty sure there are not many other children in the world called Miles Storm, so if something is lost it will easily make it’s way back to us.

Started by a Mother in Melbourne Australia, Stuck on You, is a fun website stocked with the coolest labels and gifts for children. Easily available the world over, Stuck on You was started over 10 years ago, and has grown at speed mainly by word of mouth; very honestly. Their products are high quality, protruding happy times, and this is why Stuck on You products are loved by Mums, Dads and Children alike.

photo 3

We are, thankfully, good to go in the label department

Stuck on You has so many different kinds of personalized labels, I mean if you can think of any kind of label, they surely have it; sock labels, book labels, shaped labels, clothing labels, shoe dot labels, address labels, pencil labels, and write-on labels. These labels are enhanced by being dishwasher & microwave safe, scratch resistant, applied easily and durable. Some of their labels are also made with eco ink — love that!

Not just that, the designs are adorably original, like the retro robot name labels we have for Miles Storm. If robots are not your thing; what about owls, birds, fairies, tigers, flowers, merry-go-round, flowers, submarines, super heroes, ice-creams, dinosaurs, astronauts or tractors? Priced at only $14.95 for a set of 50 labels, it is definitely worth the investment compared to losing something of more value.

He loves his personalized wooden puzzle

He loves his personalized wooden puzzle

Stuck on You offers a lot more than just labels, like the personalized wooden jigsaw puzzle shown above. This puzzle is a huge hit with my Son, being a colorful educational tool for him (in disguise) for him to learn how to spell his name and get used to the way it looks at a young age.

Additionally, they have the funnest stationary, bags (like this gorgeous library one), lunch boxes, personalized clothing, canvases, drink bottles, sun hats, towels, bag tags and party supplies.

There really is something for everybody!



How adorable are Miles Storm’s personal labels

Want to win one of 4 $30 gift certificate from Stuck on You, to put towards a purchase on anything you choose? Well today is your lucky day, especially with 4 different winners!

If you are the winner, Stuck on You will email you the gift certificate code directly which you can redeem on their website.

This giveaway ends at 12AM on Wednesday the 9th of September, and is open to all countries of residence.

Good Luck, and thanks for stopping by Willy B Mum.

Peace, Love and Labeling Your Stuff Make the World Go Around!
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Straight from the tree – DRINKmaple (giveaway)

Around 2 years ago, my husband had a fantastic idea. Well, we both thought so anyway.

It was around the time of year when maple sap started flowing from the trees (end of Winter/beginning of Spring), and we were at our friend’s farm to watch them make maple syrup to sell in their farm stand. This farm is over a 100 years old, which has been passed down from generation to generation, and they have always made the syrup from the maple trees on their property. Fair to say they are experts in the trade, as many farmers are in the Hudson Valley, upstate New York area where maple trees are in abundance.

My husband tapping one of our maple trees upstate NY

My husband tapping one of our maple trees upstate NY

Maple water AKA sap, is very tricky to obtain, and I write that meaning there is an extremely short window of time to be able to tap maple trees to get the sap; the season generally lasts for between 4-6 weeks. Not just that, the day time temperature must rise above freezing and the night-time temperature must fall below freezing, or else no sap here!

Maple trees store food in the form of  starch in their trunks and roots before the cold winter weather starts. Months later, with spring on the horizon, and the pressure of the rising temperatures the starch converts to sugar, and the sap starts flowing.

People tap maple trees by boring holes into the trunks and collecting the sap in buckets.

To make Maple Syrup, the sap is heated, evaporating the water which in turn leave the concentrated syrup behind. We saw this procedure done over a log fire which literally took days to produce maple syrup. As food for thought, astoundingly, it takes around 40 gallons of maple sap to make 1 ounce of maple syrup!

We saw how maple syrup is made, and thought; why not just take the water from the tree instead of making it into syrup, bottle it raw & unpasteurized, and sell it? We saw it as a sustainable alternative to coconut water as it can be made local, rather than produced overseas and then shipped here to the United States. Alas though, somehow along the way we became distracted and it never came to fruit.


So good, I am easily able to drink this every day

Thankfully, the dedicated people over at DRINKmaple are better organized than my husband and I, and now we all have access to this wonderful real, natural and straight from the tree, farm-to-table beverage! Pure maple water is a refreshing, hydrating drink which is chock-o-block with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. And, a big plus here, for the ladies watching their figures, maple water is low in calories — love that! My new favorite DRINKmaple maple water comes straight out of the tree, into the packaging with nothing added, and then makes it’s way to you.

So, I know that you are all very curious as to how it tastes? Well, to me, it tastes subtly sweet, with an earthy feel to it. You just feel healthy drinking it, and it is a nice nourishing alternative to just drinking plain water all the time. With my apothecary mind, I think that maple water will also be a wonderful addition to soaps, creams and scrubs, but that is a whole other article!


Want to win a delicious 3-pack sampling from DRINKmaple to try out for yourself? Well today is your lucky day! Enter below to win three 8.5 fl oz. tetra packs of pure maple water. If you are the winner, DRINKmaple will ship you the prize, direct from their warehouse, as soon as possible.

This giveaway ends at 12AM on Friday the 5th of September, and is open to USA residents only. Otherwise, you can buy a 3-pack direct (as well as other products) direct from the DRINKmaple website HERE for around $9 USD, plus shipping.

Good Luck, and thanks for stopping by Willy B Mum.

Peace, Love and Plants Make the World Go Around!

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Planning the Perfect Family Vacation

With my family’s annual family holiday to Europe coming up in less than 2 weeks, I thought now might be a wonderful time to write about how to plan the perfect vacation.

Cannot wait to be back in Dubrovnik Croatia soon

Cannot wait to be back in Dubrovnik Croatia soon

Family vacations can be full of excitement and adventure; however they can also be rather stressful if you do not plan adequately beforehand. This means carefully considering a number of important aspects regarding your trip before taking the plunge. It is worth remembering that, regardless of your children’s ages, organising a family vacation that will keep everyone happy is indeed possible by following a few simple rules. With this in mind, here is my guide to help you and your family plan the perfect vacation.

Decide on a Budget
When planning a family vacation deciding upon a budget is a great way to start. This will enable you to be realistic when it comes to choosing a destination and hotel. If you travel on a tight budget, consider staying in your own country and visiting local attractions. Alternatively, if you decide to go abroad, be careful not to exaggerate as you will need to take the cost of flights and activities into consideration.

Choose a Destination
Choosing a vacation destination that will please everyone is not always easy. Talk to your children and make sure that the destination that you choose boasts activities and attractions that will keep them busy and entertained. Avoid extremely hot or cold destinations when travelling with young children as this can lead to complications.


Running on the Beach with Miles Storm in Antigua

Book the Right Accommodation
When planning a family vacation you should always take care to book family friendly accommodation. If you are hoping to visit a busy city like Paris, it is always a good idea to have a look at hotel reviews left by families on online hotel booking sites like Venere.com. Be sure to research hotel options and their facilities in order to make the right choice for you and your family.

Healthy and wholesome food is a requirement for my family

Healthy and wholesome food is a requirement for my family

Research Attractions and Activities
Once you are all booked up and ready for departure, take a look at some of the most interesting and child-friendly attractions in the area that you will be visiting. By planning an itinerary, even roughly speaking, you will be able to ensure that you include something for everyone, thus leading to a relatively stress-free vacation.


Miles Storm meeting a kangaroo for the first time in Australia

Be Prepared
Although you cannot prepare for all eventualities, making a check-list of everything that you will need in the run up to your vacation is always an excellent idea. By doing so, you will be able to depart knowing that you have the situation under control and with the positive and relaxed attitude necessary for all great family vacations.

By taking these great tips into consideration you will be well on your way to planning and enjoying an unforgettable family vacation. Just remember to start the planning process early in order to ensure that you have plenty of time to simply sit back and relax during your well-earned trip.

Thanks for stopping by Willy B Mum. Happy Traveling!