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Happy Australia Day from Downunder Mate

Today is Australia Day, and besides being my little brother’s birthday, it is a cause for great celebration in my home country of Australia as it is the anniversary of the arrival of the First Fleet into Botany Bay back in 1788. Here in New York, it is usually a day that I feel more homesick than normal, and it makes me wish I was home to share the celebration especially with my 3-year old Son.

Thankfully though and to ease my separation from my home, Willy B Mum now has a contributing writer who is based in Australia. Specifically, from the breathtakingly beautiful Blue Mountain area of New South Wales. If you are not familiar with Australia; Sydney is the main city in the state of New South Wales so you have a better idea, or I could just say – it is on the East Coast side somewhere in the middle! Suzanne Robinson is a mother to five-year old identical twin girls, Lillian and Julia. She blogs at Mummy to Twins.

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