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Willy B Mum accepts guest posts from fellow bloggers, people of interest and social media stars who have an “organic living” area of expertise, and are looking for additional exposure to who they are and what they do.

Requirements from the writer

  • Post should be no more than 600 words in length of original content which has not been published anywhere else
  • We request at least 3-5 high-resolution photos to accompany your posting, if these are not your original photos you must have permission to use them and be able to provide that
  • The topic of your post must be relevant to the Willy B Mum focus and be able to fall under one of these broad topics: Health, Fitness and Wellness, Vegan Foods (we love recipes), Our Environment, Natural Parenting or Green Organic Living. So we are all on the same page, please send us an email us to discuss prior to starting
  • You post should not be specifically about your business, however it can be an article of interest in relation to that, it is all about being subtle
  • We love external links and urge you to link your article back to an authoritative source as long as it is relevant to the article, however links back to a professional site we consider to be a “sponsored post” and we do charge for that
  • Your post can include 2 links back to your personal blog or social media profiles if relevant, this can be embedded tweets from your personal twitter account
  • We will need a short 2 sentence author BIO to be added at the end of your article, as well as a clear photograph of your face to go along with it (this is a good place to mention your business if applicable)
  • Please write your article in proper English, no slang, with correct spelling and punctuation
  • Once you submit your article we will review, and let you know whether we feel something needs to be changed or the date the article will go live on Willy B Mum
  • We respect the option to not move forward with a guest post, if we do not think it is right fit

In Return

  • Please promote your published article on Willy B Mum out of your social avenues; this creates a win-win situation for both parties as far as exposure
  • Once published, we will post your article through our social media avenues, which across the board is 18,000+ profiles
  • Moving forward, we will continue to promote your article through our social media avenues as an archive

Here are 2 examples;
Mamarazzi® “Mayim’s Vegan Table” Book Launch
Keeping Safe in the Great Outdoors of New York State

If you are a brand/service/event looking to write or have us write a sponsored post that contains a professional link back to your website, please contact us to request further information including our rates

If you are an non-profit organization, we are happy to publish a unique and interesting written sponsored post without charge, as long as we believe it a good fit for Willy B Mum

We also know that every situation is different from the next, so please for all questions or inquires feel free to email us HERE

Thank-You, and we look forward to working with you to help spread all the good that is out there

Peace, Plants and Love Make The World Go Around,

Willy B Mum


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