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Willy B Mum is written, by me, Libby, an Australian Mother who has lived in New York City for 10 years. I am a former high-fashion model and an on-camera host who has a background in advertising. In early 2012, two years after I gave birth to my Son, I began Willy B Mum to discuss my approach at being a green-inspired Mother.

Some of the topics discussed here include:

  • Organic Non-GMO food; Eating food that is not natural being genetically modified, really frightens me, as does food sprayed with pesticides – this is not what I want for my family. As a result my family grows organic vegetables, fruits & herbs during the warmer months, we cook the majority of our meals at home, we raw juice a lot and are very committed to living a healthy life
  • Veganism and Cruelty-Free living; I personally follow a plant-based diet, mainly for ethical reasons, I love animals way too much to eat them. However, all the health benefits that come with it is a huge plus too. I also only wear clothing that I know to be cruelty free, and instill this choice-of-lifestyle in all other areas of my life as I am best able to do so. My husband and I are rearing our Son following a pescetarian diet, and I am sure you are wondering why that is? Well, my husband eats animals, so our compromise was to settle with seafood-based diet for our Son. We figure, that when he is old enough to understand the implications of his diet, he can make the decision as to how he chooses to eat
  • Exercise; On a daily basis and dependent on the situation, I either run, do crossfit, play tennis, ride horses or spend time kickboxing. My husband is of the same mind, and it is very rare for either of us to have a rest day. Our Son, plays soccer, does karate, swims and has ridden horses since he was 20 months of age
  • Environment; I have a profound understanding of the woes of the trees, plant life, oceans and the animals, thus, as much as possible, use Willy B Mum to raise awareness about how we can all respect and protect Mother Earth for future generations to come
  • Apothecary & Natural Medicine; At the moment, I am embarking on producing a vegan, organic, non-toxic skin care line, and as a result of this I am learning a lot about the disease-causing toxicity in most commercial products, which is shocking! Additionally, I  hand-harvest roots, leaves and flowers of plants, using them to make all kinds of wonderfully natural things like teas, tinctures and infused oils. Spreading the word, taking us back to the ways of old, that nature provides everything that we need to survive
  • Animals; I am that person, who stops on the side of the road to help a snap turtle get to the other side safely — enough said

And in case you are wondering, Willy B is short for the area of New York City, Williamsburg Brooklyn, where this blog was started. Even though, my family spends a lot of time upstate New York in the Hudson Valley also.

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Libby and Miles Storm upstate NY on the Hudson River in Rhinecliff.

Libby and Miles Storm upstate NY on the Hudson River in Rhinecliff.

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