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Following a successful career with one of Australia’s most prestigious modeling agencies, Chadwick Management, Libby made her way to New York City to begin an exciting new professional chapter as a Director of Events at one of SOHO’s leading marketing firms. In 2009, after 6 great years, Libby decided to move on to founding Honey Bee Management, a boutique marketing agency.

After having her first child, Miles Storm, in 2010 Libby began the popular local BLOG WillyBMum.com to discuss her approach at being a holistic-minded Mother. Libby is also one of the founding co-leaders of the Brooklyn Chapter of the Holistic Mom’s Network.

Libby also worked previously as an on-camera host for many years having interviewed such big names in music as Lady Gaga, Sean Kingston and Neil Young. Her new collection of “Inspirational Vibes” on her blog reflects this and her aspirations to move back into that field.

Libby and Miles Storm are both vegetarians who love and respect both the environment and animals. She leads a very active life incorporating horse-riding, yoga, running, kickboxing and crossfit into her weekly routine. She grows organic vegetables, fruits & herbs, loves to cook & juice, and is very committed to living a healthy life.

She lives in Williamsburg, Brooklyn during the week, and in Rhinebeck, upstate NY on weekends with her husband of 7 years, Son and 2 dogs Rockstarr Alan Jackson the 3rd and Mohawk Anne Dimebag.

She has a beautiful life!

Libby and Miles Storm upstate NY on the Hudson River in Rhinecliff.

Libby and Miles Storm upstate NY on the Hudson River in Rhinecliff.

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