The Good Dinosaur, and some clothing too

Little boys and dinosaurs seem to go hand in hand. My Son is obsessed with dinosaurs at the moment, he has dinosaur clothing, dinosaur books, and dinosaur toys. When I told him that we had been invited to a special screening of the movie – The Good Dinosaur – it was just the icing on the cake. What 5-year-old, doesn’t like a good Dino flick?

The Good Dinosaur

Spot and Arlo

The Good Dinosaur, is a new PG movie which is showing in theaters now. It was produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney. The movie runs for 93 minutes, and is also available in 3D.

Last week, we attended a special screening of the movie here in New York City, hosted by The Moms – JCPenney MAMARAZZI®.

On arrival to the event, my Son picked out Good Dinosaur clothing from Okie Dokie, to wear throughout the movie, you know so he could really be in the Dino spirit! He enjoyed taking his time to look through the clothes, choosing pants to match a top, and then having a few photos taken.

JC Penney, has a whole range of Good Dinosaur clothing, and toys, which you can see HERE.

The Good Dinosaur

The animation, in true Pixar style, is visually breath-taking. While the story, is heart-warming and emotional. It is a tale of friendship, finding strength, facing fear, learning to forgive and moving on.

Arlo, is the runt of the dinosaur litter, who is scared of nearly everything, including the chickens he has to feed daily as one of his family chores. He is teased by his brother and sister because of this, and his Father trying to push him to be more confident, ends up dying tragically in an accident which young Arlo is witness too.

Some days later, Arlo falls into the river near his home, and ends up lost and confused many many miles from home. Scared he is befriended by an unlikey little sprite, named Spot. The 2 of them protect and help each other, resulting on an adventurous journey meeting fascinating creatures, to eventually make it back to their homes.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 11.30.37 AM
Two things that I appreciated, is that there is a subtle reference noting the little realized fact that most of these great dinosaurs were vegans, and followed a plant-based diet. My Son also picked up on this, during the part of the movie where Spot brought Arlo animals to eat and was confused when Arlo would not eat them. Where did they get their protein, from plants of course!

Additionally, the movie also touches on the realization that you cannot predict or control Mother Nature, that you have to roll with the punches and be prepared for the unexpected, especially when spending time in the Great Outdoors.

These are both topics, which are discussed in my home often as a family – how to respect all beings and co-exist with our planet in harmony – and it is nice to have these examples for future discussions.

Follow the river, and you will find your way home

Follow the river, and you will find your way home

Although not an overly happy movie, my 5-year-old still very much enjoyed it. Being so young I feel that he was not able to grasp the severity of some of the situations, which is okay with me, as the beauty of the film and the fact that it was all about dinosaurs, kept him, glued to the screen.

I know that we are going to be watching it again and again.

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