Meditation for the Modern Family

Every minute of the day counts when you’re juggling soccer practice, gymnastics, tutoring, piano lessons, work, real estate, finances and holiday planning. A high demand life requires us to consistently perform at the top of our game. How do we thrive and succeed without getting tense, depleted and stressed out?

Vedic Meditation is considered to be one of the most effective stress relieving techniques in the world. Effortless yet powerful in design, this practice can deliver the energy, clarity and focus required to elegantly balance the demands of balancing modern living as a Parent.

Not all meditation is difficult or requires hours of your day to experience results. With the right technique and instruction you can actually look forward to meditating every day. Daily meditation can help you become a better parent, a better partner and live a richer, fuller life.

Today, Hunter Cressman, shares 5 ways the modern family can benefit from meditation.

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1. More Natural Energy

If anyone can use more energy it’s parents. During meditation the body rests measurably 5 times deeper than sleep. This rest naturally energizes the mind, so that you’re ready to keep up with the kids and their activities all day. Daily practice can also increase your quality of sleep and reduce the amount of sleep needed over time.

2. Higher Quality Time

Children grow up fast. One moment they are saying their first word and before you know it they’re getting dressed for prom night. It’s easy to miss out on the full experience of parenthood when the mind is so easily distracted by last week’s mishaps and tomorrow’s to-do list. Meditation spontaneously melts away irrelevant thoughts from the past and future so that you can experience higher quality family time right here and now. 

540562_363327087044595_1760901664_n3. Better Behaved Children

Many parents report that after learning to meditate not only do they feel calmer and happier, but their childrens’ behavior improves too. Children are sensitive to the energy of their parents and respond according to your moods. Most people learn to meditate for their own benefit, but a wonderful side effect of meditation is that it positively impacts the other people in our lives too.

4. Blissful Babies

Women who meditate while pregnant are, in effect, meditating for two. These babies have an early head start to a blissful life.

Additionally, the restfulness from meditation helps a Mother prepare for childbirth, and also adapt to the new routines of early parenthood.


5. Better Sex & Romance

Meditation can do a number of things for your life in the bedroom. It reduces stress, which directly affects libido and fertility. It can refine the five senses, which heights pleasure and romantic connection. It also increases energy, providing the drive needed to meet your partners desires when they arise.

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Hunter CressmanHunter Cressman is a qualified independent teacher of Vedic Meditation based in New York City. He is a skilled expert trained in the Himalayas of India under pre-eminent master-teachers. Hunter has taught hundreds of parents and children this effective stress relieving technique worldwide. You can learn more about Vedic Meditation and connect with Hunter at

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