Healthy mouth care, with an ancient tradition thrown in

Looking after your teeth, (and your children’s teeth from an early age), is imperative to ensure you will all have a healthy set for the rest of your life, but  what about natural options? Most of the common sense steps you can take are pretty straight forward, like –

  • Brushing your teeth after every meal, or at least twice a day, aiming to brush for a solid 2 minutes of cleaning for the best results
  • Floss daily
  • Avoid eating damaging foods and drinks, such as fizzy drinks and sugary foods
  • If you drink coffee, rinse your mouth out with water afterwards to avoid staining
  • See a dentist regularly, I take my Son and I also go every 6 months for a cleaning and a check up

My Son brushing his teeth

The Benefits of Regular Check-Ups

One of the biggest benefits of having regular check-ups with your dentist is that you can address any problems with your teeth early, before it starts to become a problem. If a tooth starts to become slightly crooked, you can get braces or a retainer fitted early, to solve the issue and straighten your teeth. You can also help to avoid any damaging tooth decay or infections, which could lead to fillings or even removal of the tooth.

To give you an example, I had my last check up around 7 months ago. I had a cleaning and my routine X-rays, where everything looked great. However, when I went back last month for my next cleaning and check up, a few problems had arisen. I needed 2 fillings, with a possibility of root canal. The root canal was avoided thankfully, however if I had waited much longer, and had not made the time to go to my dentist for my regular check up, I might not have been so lucky.

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 10.12.38 AM

If my story has your worried, at least in this day and age of lighting fast technology, it is easy enough to find a dentist. For our Australian readers, I just tested this out looking for a Brisbane CBD Dentist and quickly found a clinic with reasonable out-of-pocket costs. It took all of 3 seconds!

Holistic Choices

Photo: joannawnuk/iStockphoto
Additionally, consider incorporating the ancient Ayurvedic technique of oil pulling on a daily basis, which is where you swish, traditionally sesame oil, in your mouth of up to 20 minutes each day and then spit out. Coconut oil is also very popular.

The swishing motion is said to activate enzymes, thus “pulling” all manner of toxins out of your body. According to one study, oil pulling therapy showed a reduction in the plaque index, and modified gingival scores. Other claims are that it whitens your teeth, makes your mouth feel generally cleaner and can eliminate the dreaded morning breath. Just remember that the oil must not be swallowed as it contains bacteria and toxins.

Regular oil pulling is also a fantastic option for those who do not have dental insurance or who cannot afford to go to the dentist. You can read more about this on Wellness Mama.

Two different approaches to dental hygiene to keep you on the right track. Personally, I think if you incorporate oil pulling to complement traditional dental recommendations, you will insure healthy teeth till a ripe old age. I have so far, had much success doing both.

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