Eco-Bonk toy for the win

The Eco-Bonk is a classic take on an old-school toy, with a modern green twist. Created by a mother of 2 boys, it is durable and long-lasting, providing hours of entertainment for your Little One. It encourages physical activity, while enhancing balance and reaction time. Not forgetting, strategic thinking and so much laughter.

Eco Bonk ToysSo, what is it?

Sometimes the simple things in life are often the best, and this is surely so with the free-standing Eco Bonk. At 36 inches tall, the toy it is weighted with dry rice (beans work too) inside the bottom of it to keep it stable. When knocked down, it bounces right back up again – it is that simple.

My 4-year-old Son is always trying to figure out, how to win over his Eco-Bonk! So far, no luck, but I love his enthusiasm.

One day!
This toy is perfect for a child who has boundless energy, and for a parent who is looking for an outlet to help get some of that energy out! I also like it because during long winters here in New York City, living in an apartment with no outdoor space, the Eco Bonk is a really nice thing to have up your sleeve when you cannot go outside.


Things you need to know


This Eco Bonk has a removable plush cover

The Eco Bonk has to be set up once it arrives to you, however it is a little bit of a different scenario to your average toy! You have to fill up the bag with dry rice or beans first, and then blow the toy up. Depending on which kind you buy, you will place the plush character cover on top of the plastic cover or, the plastic cover will have the character image embedded on it.

The Eco-Bonk comes in fun characters like the wildlife series which has an owl, whale, gibbon and bear. Or the real life hero series, which has a soldier, a doctor and a fireman.

By the way, the Eco Bonk is not just for children, my husband (for example) loves playing with it too. Hearing this call, maker of the toy, Pueri Elemental, are hip to this by offering more adult-like Bops. Highlighting the political frenzy for the presidential place here in the United States next year, they are offering hilarious characters like Donald Trump, Hilary Clinton, Marco Rubio and President Obama. If you have ever felt like knocking one of these guys down, here is your chance.

Additionally, there is a custom option, upload your own design to be made into an Eco Bonk – love this idea!

Jackson the Eco Bonk bearThe Eco Bonk is made in the United States from ingredients that do not contain phthalates and Bisphenol A (BPA). There are 2 varieties of the toy – one kind is made completely with recycled plastic, and the other is made with a plush cover which goes over a recycled plastic cover. The plush covered toys are really easy to clean, just throw it in your washing machine with warm water on your fragile setting.

Where can you find one?

Head over to newly launched, being a thoughtful website, where you can discover reviews from people you trust (like Willy B Mum). If you like what you read, you can then express interest in buying that product, not just the Eco Bonk, but a whole range of sort-out
goodies, with pricing discounts eventually
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We hope you enjoy the Eco Bonk as much as we do in our home. Thanks for stopping by Willy B Mum.

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