Medela breast pump recycle program

Medela recycles and you win! This program encourages Mothers who have finished using their pumps to recycle them through a special program so that Mothers-in-need, with babies in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) have access to a pump to aid in nourishing their infants.

Each pump Medela receives through this program supports the donation of new hospital-grade, multi-use breast pump which is then supplied to charity. Specifically women who have newborns in the NICU unit who have moved out of the hospital, and are nearby in an out-care facility to be close to their baby. The goal is to provide Mothers with the same high-quality equipment they used at the hospital during their stay, being one less thing to worry about it, in an already stressful time.

Returning my breast pump

Returning my breast pump

I returned my breast pump this week and it was so easy. All you have to do, is pull your pump apart, recycling with your rubbish provider the tubes and suction cups. Take the actual pump part, and put just that in a box. Keep the carrying bag if you have one. Print your free-postage prepaid slip on the Medela website HERE, and then drop it off to your post office to be on its way to help another Mother in need.

Medela has so far, received 4270 pumps from people like you and me, who have sent them back to be recycled.

I was so happy when I read about this program, as I just could not bear to throw my old breast pump in the rubbish to go into a landfill. Not to mention, this simple act of returning it, and knowing that it is going to help another Mother has put a huge smile on my face.

If you are interested in recycling your pump you can read more HERE.

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