5 ideas for relaxing Mummy Me-Time

As a Mother of an energetic preschooler, I barely get time to for just me. And, I am not really complaining about that, as I am a very hands on mother who very much enjoys nearly every minute of being a full-time Mother. However, I know it is important to take some time to just zone out and be alone with my thoughts. Here are 5 activities which help me achieve that.

Spend Time with the Animals

I am a true animal lover and I am not biased – from cockatoos, to wasps, to horses, to dogs to snakes – I love them all. Thus, spending time alone with animals really helps me to relax and really appreciate the life around me. Even if I get a few bites here and there, it is still worth it. Take this photo, of me hanging out with wild cockatoos in Australia, which was such an enlightening experience, especially as they were so at ease with me and okay with me taking a bunch of selfies.

Go To A Movie

Going to a movie by yourself is a really liberating thing to do, especially if your local movie theater is in a basement, where shock horror there is no cell phone service (like mine)! Not sure what movie to go and see? I know I am looking forward to watching Pitch Perfect 2, just because it looks like such a fun, happy movie. And, they are my favorite kind to watch! Laughing does wonders for the soul.

Take A Bath, and shave your legs!

A relaxing hot bubble bath with therapeutic essential oils is another past time I enjoy immensely. And why not, hot baths whisk away body tension and stress, and are an effective way to take a break from a busy life. Having a bath is also a perfect time to maintain my shaving regiment, as you know, multi-tasking is a must when you are a Mum-on-the-Go.

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Take a bath
Just Lie There

Find a chair, lie down and enjoy the view. No matter where you are!

Go for a runRunning

I love to run, just me and the road, no matter what kind of weather!

Sometimes, getting out of the front door to exercise is difficult. Either my motivation is low, or the thought of the miles ahead is not that appealing. However, fast forward to when I am walking back in my front door – mission accomplished – I am in such a better place emotionally.

Running gives me such clarity, and I always feel so accomplished, and this just makes for a really positive outlook for the rest of the day.

What do you like to do for personal rejuvenating time?