Dear Mum, feel slimmer every day

We are excited to be chatting about Leonisa today – makers of high quality, helpful and well made innerwear. Leonisa is especially of interest to new Mothers, as they make nursing bras, postpartum belly shapers and post pregnancy girdles. However, not limited to, as additionally Leonisa make the most gorgeous bathing suits you have ever seen, as well as lingerie.


Postpartum panty with adjustable belly wrap

Postpartum Tummy

Ah, the joys of giving birth are many, yes you are holding a beautiful bundle-of-joy in your arms, but let’s face it, you are probably going to have a bit of a bulging tummy too, at least for a while. Completely worth it of course, however even if your “weight” is back to normal, your stretched and weakened abdominal muscles, can leave some Mothers with anxiety as to whether their body is ever going to return to normal.

Thankfully, Leonisa make a range of postpartum pieces, which can boost confidence by making a woman feel supported, tucked in all the right places, and most importantly comfortable.

Whether this is by wearing one of their lightweight nursing bras (which cleverly comes with a clip-on strap so you keep track of the last breast with which you fed your baby), a postpartum panty with adjustable belly strap, a high-waisted girdle, slimming cincher or one of their various kinds of body shapers. No matter, Leonisa has you covered.

So, what makes this brand fabulous? Well, they have a whole range of features in place, which have secured them as a Mummy favorite all over the World. Try their anti-slip bands built-in, variety of choices with bra straps – halter, strapless, classic, one strap or criss cross, PowerSlim™ technology, seamless items (so another will not be able to tell you are wearing help underneath your clothing) and compression, push up and contour support, to just name a few.

PowerSlim™ is a powerful elastic material that has multi directional reducing strength due to its hexagonal thread pattern. A garment that has PowerSlim™ feels like it fits perfectly to your body with inherent slimming properties that shape, control and support like no other.


Maternity support panty

We also appreciate Leonisa’s maternity panty by the way, which is suggested for use in the advanced months during pregnancy. This panty helps supports a Mother’s growing belly, aids in back pain and is comfortable enough to sleep in.

Giving Back

As added incentive, by supporting Leonisa, you can be assured that you are behind a company who gives back; since 2005 they have actively been raising awareness by sending educational messages, in regard to the prevention of breast cancer in women.

Did you know that the best time to give yourself a breast exam is 8 days after the first day of your menstrual cycle? Visit HERE to see how to to do this in 4 easy steps.

Leonisa Love

Personally, I love Leonisa, I ordered a retro one piece bathing suit from them last week, for my upcoming family trip to Australia, and it fits so well, not to mention, it is beautiful. My 4-year-old Son actually took a picture of me in it which you can see HERE, telling me I looked “smurftastic”, which put a HUGE smile on my face!

Leonisa, is definitely one of those companies that grows with you, through your journey of before and after becoming a Mother.

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