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I just arrived home from 8 glorious days in the Wasatch Mountains in Utah, on a family ski trip, which was beyond some-kind-of wonderful. I enjoyed it so much, saturated with moments spent looking around in awe at the natural beauty surrounding the Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort where we were staying. Not to mention, spending quality time with my husband and Son, I am so grateful for the experience.

Snowbird is one of 137 mountain resorts USA-wide that has a permit to operate on National Forest lands. The compound resides, a scenic 45 minute drive from Salt Lake City airport, in the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache, at around 8000 feet above sea level. It is known as one of best expert level terrains for snowboarders and skiers, which averages around 500 inches of snow per season – constant fresh powder.

If you are considering a family ski trip I highly recommend Snowbird!


IMG_1879Snowshoeing is an aerobic winter activity, which provides the same kind of workout you will get from running or biking. By wearing specially designed snowshoes, a person’s body weight is evenly distributed, which allows walking on the snow with ease.

My husband is considered a double-black-diamond skier, he is very experienced having trained with the US Olympic ski team when he was younger. And, my 4-year-old Son, who started skiing when he was a mere 2 years of age, is a budding and appreciative skier. However, alas, I am not such a fan of the cold and prefer to only be outdoors for a small part of the day. Not like the other 2, who happily spent the majority of every day outdoors in the snow.

With this in mind, skiing has never really been an interest of mine, however snowshoeing is perfect; I can get a quick fix out among my beloved Mother Nature, hike for a bit, burn a ton of calories, and be indoors cuddled up by the fireplace in no time.



My Son’s snowshoe prints

Snowshoeing, is an easy pastime (once you get used to the shoes), which can be adapted to all skill levels and age, just put on your snowshoes and start walking. It is also a relatively priced sport, all you need are snowshoes, and optional walking poles. Snowshoes for adults start around the $100 USD mark, with children’s snow shoes starting at a lot less.

Snowshoeing is an effective form of exercise to burn through calories, and I love that. Personally speaking, the first winter after I gave birth to my Son I spent many weekends outdoors snowshoeing with my husband, and I saw my pregnancy weight melt away. This is where my love of snowshoeing started!

IMG_1949How to get the most out of your snowshoe workout;

Little Munchkin in his snowshoes

Little Munchkin in his snowshoes

  • you have to lift your legs higher walking when snowshoeing – the deeper the snow the more energy you will burn
  • if there is snow, you can snowshoe – take a path less traveled, climb hills and walk in as deep as snow as you can
  • don’t just walk, run – snowshoeing is a low impact sport thanks to the cushioning of the snow, and adding sprints will up your cardiovascular results
  • enjoy the beauty and clear your mind – stay in the moment, notice the sounds the birds and the shape of the trees or buildings, feel the wind
  • spend some time with your family and friends – snowshoeing is accessible to all ages, including grand parents and little ones
  • use walking poles – by using poles you will also be giving your arms and shoulders some love, helping to tone and strengthen
  • get wild and crazy – throw on a headlamp and go for a night walk, check out the wildlife (whether that is in the city or the country)

Added bonus to snowshoeing, your body has to work harder to keep warmer in the cold so you are already burning more calories right there!


I really enjoy snowshoeing, and Utah was a perfect setting for my recent adventure. The mountain ranges … the fresh air, it was just beautiful.

Now I am back in New York City, where we also have so much snow at the moment, so this weekend I am looking forward to being outdoors and doing it all again, in a completely different world.

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