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Winter is well and truly here in the northern hemisphere, and with that means time spent outside is extremely limited due to the cold and rowdy weather. Combine this with less daylight hours, makes for a sudden shift in my day-to-day routine with my Son.

November, and we already have a lot of snow

November, and we already have a lot of snow

As a stay-at-home-mum it’s up to me to plan indoor activities to keep my little boy entertained, as unfortunately there are going to be many days where it is just too cold or extreme to, comfortably, be outside. Take today for example, the wind is howling, and the torrential rain has not let up for hours!  Oh Summer, I miss you so.

Here are some ideas to help spend the days indoors;

Board Games

Board games are easy, and there are many benefits to playing them with children, like;

  • being a wonderful way to bond, laugh and spend time with one another
  • helping with eye & hand co-ordination
  • encouraging recognition of colors, shapes, letters, numbers, places and things
  • aiding with social skills, for example, waiting your turn, being patient, sharing and verbal communication
  • focusing skills and lengthening a child’s attention span
  • using your imagination, to create make-believe scenarios
  • having FUN

My Son is 4 years of age, and is at a point where he is appreciating board games. One of his favorites is bingo. I will say that, he is not so good at following the rules quite yet, and gets quite cranky if things do not go his way, but either way, it passes the time and it is a lot of fun. There are many different kinds of bingo sets, ours is animal themed, which opens questions and start discussions, about the creatures we both share a deep fascination for.

In the Kitchen

Squaready20140424172910I like to incorporate as many food activities into our “stay indoor days” as possible. It is very important to my husband and I, that our little guy, is exposed to as many different kinds of healthy foods, and is constantly learning new cooking skills. And, it is something that Miles really enjoys!

I do this by picking out recipes to adapt and re-create to suit our dietary needs, and if I see something in the supermarket that is unique and unfamiliar, I take it home and we explore that, like the dragon fruit in the photo to the left. This had to have been one of the funniest experiences with Miles as, initially, he really thought that there was a dragon inside the fruit. These days, he is a little wiser!

Recycling Ideas, and Arts & Crafts

Rather than throw out your rubbish, why not cut costs whilst cutting emissions and pollution, and upcycle discarded items into new things;

  • Toilet rolls become paper tube animals
  • Glass jars become mini terrariums
  • Cardboard boxes become cubby houses

Here are a few other upcycling ideas, for arts and crafts; and I must say I really fancy the cookie cutter idea! Love it.

Indoor Gardening

Indoor gardening is another activity for Little Ones when it is too cold to go outside. My Son, has 2 edible & medicinal plants that he calls his own; 1 being an aloe vera plant, and another being a mint plant (who he affectionately calls – Minty). He waters them, and checks on them daily. He knows that aloe vera is a natural option to put on skin cuts, and he also likes to have me make him a tea out of his mint leaves.

When we have “plant time” it always leads to discussions about nature and how everything works. Today, he asked me – “Mum, does Mother Nature have a husband?” and we went from there! Other activities can also evolve; this winter I plan on showing him how to dry mint, and store it for cooking other foods. And, maybe we can add some aloe vera gel to a morning juice to drink.

IMG_9181Of course, there are many other activities that can pass the time when confined indoors due to environmental restraints, these are just a few suggestions. What about you, what are some of your favorite activities.

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