Monthly Archives: October 2014

Sweet Potato and Pea Fillo Pastry Puffs

My 4-year-old started Pre-K this past September, which surely was such a change for all of us. He attends 5 days a week, till 1PM each day, which means I have to pack his lunch. If you follow Willy B Mum on Facebook and Instagram, you know that my husband and I promote very healthy eating habits, with a strong emphasis on an organic plant-based diet. My husband is a very talented cook, by passion. My Son follows a pescetarian diet, which resulted from my husband being a meat-eater, and me being quite the opposite not wanting him to eat animals at all. Our compromise was that our Son can eat seafood in his diet until he is old enough to make the decision as to his diet himself. However, when Miles Storm is with me, which is the majority of the time, he eats a mainly vegan diet which borders on vegetarianism at times.

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How to Have an Eco-Friendly Halloween

All Hallows’ Eve is an exciting time to share in the tradition of spooky decorations, dressing in costumes and large amounts of delectable candy. But come November 1st, we all have to deal with the aftermath. This year, have an all-green Halloween that’s easy on your wallet and the environment (not to mention your waistline).

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