Planning on having a baby soon, pregnant or nursing; don’t forget your vitamins

Go Green Juice Go

Go Green Juice Go

My little munchkin turned 4 years of age last week, and I mean, I do not even know where the time went. It seems like yesterday that I was pregnant, freaking out about how my husband and I were going to be able to look after a baby, and wondering whether I was going to be a good Mum? I guess, time flies when you are having fun, and I sure have had a ton of fun so far raising my Son. He is the Apple Of My Eye, and I am so happy he came along. It is really hard to look back and remember a life without him.

I have always wanted at least 3 children, however my husband wants no more than 2 children. It has been a constant sore subject discussing our next child, however we do seem to be in the same place wanting another child soon. And, while we are not trying, I am preparing to try. So what exactly does that mean?

Well, there are quite a few changes of late that I have made in my lifestyle to increase my chances of getting pregnant quickly the second time around;

  • A year ago I cut out all alcohol out of my diet; like it or not, drinking alcohol can have an effect on female fertility. Alcohol can cause hormone imbalances disrupting the menstrual cycle and making it difficult to conceive
  • I have taken prenatal vitamins for a year; prenatal vitamins are very similar to a daily multi-vitamin but they generally contain higher levels of things like folic acid. Folic acid aids in making the neural tube which will eventually become the brain and spinal cord of your baby. It is not necessary to take prenatals before getting pregnant, but a lot of Mothers decide to do so, and I am one of them. Why? Well why not? Vitamins help our bodies to run at top speed keeping our hormones balanced, our nervous system running smoothly and our organs healthy, which in turn can help with conceiving and bringing forth a healthy bundle of joy. I take a vegan supplement made by Rainbow Light which you can read more about HERE

Another way a woman can consume the nutritional support they need, while on this journey, is with Bundle Organic PreNatal Juices

Most recently, I was introduced to, Bundle Organics, who are producing organic (yes, organic so that means no GMO ingredients) pasteurized juices, offering a delicious alternative for pregnant mothers, women preparing to get pregnant, and nursing mothers, to take in added nutritional support. The juices come in 3 flavors; Green (Kale Apple Lemon Ginger), Purple (Dark Berry and Veggies) or Orange (Orange Carrot Berry Ginger).


The nutrients and minerals in our juices – like calcium, vitamin D, omega 3, iron and folic acid – are good for you no matter where you are in your journey, whether you’re trying to conceive, pregnant or nursing. All our juices have 200mcg of folic acid. Many women don’t realize how important it is to increase folic acid consumption prior to attempting to have a baby. Because many women can be pregnant 4, 6 or 8 weeks before they even know it, taking folic acid prior to conception is an important way to ensure you have a good supply right from the very start — Bundle Organics website

The juices can be bought directly through the Bundle Organic website, being offered in sets of 3-packs for $18, so $6 per 16 ounce bottle. Want a little more than a one-off delivery? Well, you can also subscribe to a monthly plan where you have your juices delivered straight to your door each month, this includes free delivery plus an additional $16 off your complete order each month. Talk about easy-peasy. And, of course there are gift certificates that you can buy online, which are perfect for a baby shower present.

Organic Prenatal Juices; what a really great idea!

Thanks for stopping by Willy B Mum. Peace, Love and Plants Make the World Go Around.

**Please note at time of post, Bundle Organics are not certified vegan, more so vegetarian, however the company is working to change this as soon as possible. And, I can hardly wait till they do.

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