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My husband, is a bit of “control packer”, well that is actually an understatement. And, let’s get this straight – I Am Not Complaining in the slightest.

This all came to light when I met him 13 years ago, here in New York City. It was my first time leaving him to go back to Australia for a while, and he insisted on packing my suitcase for me. I did think it was a little weird at the time, but after he had finished packing I was really quite amazed. My husband knows how to pack a suitcase! Since then, I have literally never been allowed to pack my suitcase (or our Son’s) when we go on trips. My husband packs us all up meticulously, which as you can imagine is a lot stress on me so I am very much okay with it, especially as I am one of those packers that just throws everything in a suitcase and hopes for the best!

1609601_645098398860615_974805651_nA month ago, while preparing for an annual Summer holiday to Europe, my husband asked me to get out what I wanted to take with me. So, I had quite a few Snackaby bags to go into the mix for two reasons; 1 because I was planning to take photos and write a review and 2 because I knew everything that I wanted to pack was going to be really useful.

However, he was not happy with all the Snackaby bags I wanted to pack, which lead to a really really big argument. Like I said he is a “control packer”. He asked if we could please leave most of them at home, which I agreed with, to save fighting. And, when he was not looking I secretly packed them into my suitcase. Mission accomplished.

Snackaby Tote Bag

Once we arrived in Europe, my husband’s tune changed dramatically. Take the Snackaby tote bag for example; he loved it! He constantly raved about how comfortable it was with the thick cross-shoulder strap, and how well it evenly distributed the weight of whatever we had in the bag. Talk about a change.

The Snackaby tote bag retails for $29.99, and is a lot more than a pretty face. It can easily be washed in the washing machine if it gets dirty, and it folds down really small when it is not in use; which makes it perfect for traveling.  We used ours for going to the supermarket, the Beach and on day trips like walking around exploring the Old City of Dubrovnik.


My husband and I both used the tote bag while holidaying in Europe

Snackaby was started my a Mom, Jennifer Larson, who was concerned about the environment, healthy eating and a sustainable (local) economy. Each Snackaby bag can replace hundreds of plastic zip-lock bags in the family home. Plastic is Drastic; being responsible for many environmental problems we face in today’s world. Snackaby bags are easy to clean, being offered in a range of colors and shapes. They are also wipeable, durable, convenient and dishwasher safe.

Snackaby Snack Bags

The Snackaby Snacks Bags are lined with fabric made in North America known as Pro-Care. Pro-Care is FDA approved for storage of hot and cold food. They are zip up bags, which makes it really easy for my Son to get his food out of with his little hands, and the chances of anything spilling is minimal. I also like that you can keep a specific snack in these bags for a while. For example; my Son does not eat all of his pretzels at school each day, but the pretzels can stay in this bag until he eventually eats everything over a course of a week or so. This saves time packing new foods every morning for his lunch, and goodness knows us parents need every second we can get!

Each snack bag retails for $14.99, and are also good for non-food items. While on holiday in Europe, my husband used our silver one to carry our electronic cords for our computers and phones!


Perfect for Pretzels


Nuts and Pumpkin Seeds

Snackaby Sandwich Bags

For all the use you will get out of these sandwich bags, I personally think the price tag of $18.99 each, is completely reasonable. Not forgetting that you will never use plastic single-use bags again. Love that; making it really easy for all of us to be that little bit greener in our daily lives.

These bags are so easy to clean, even with a somewhat watery fruit salad (shown in picture below), just pull the bag inside out and put on the top rack of your dishwasher. Or, just scrub with a brush that you use to clean dishes with by hand by, and let dry in a dish rack.

Dried mango is a great school snack

Dried mango is a great school snack


Fresh fruit salad

Snackaby offer other products like for bathers etc. This is another item which again my husband fell in love with while holidaying in Europe! We used our wet bag every single day for hats, floaties, sun tops and bathers coming home from the Beach. The Wet Bags are quite big and can easily fit bathers for a family of 3, like mine. This is one must-have item if you want to make your life easier on a beach holiday for sure! They retail for just under $30.

Like most of Snackaby’s bags this is also multi-purpose. My husband packed up all of my Son’s magna-tiles in ours on the way to and from our holiday destination – he’s an ideas man!


The wet bag fits a lot

As you can tell, in our home many Snackaby products are being put to very good use. I did not know about Snackaby before Willy B Mum was approached by Jennifer, the brainchild behind this company. However, I am now a huge fan, and I am really happy to write that so is my husband; this means on our next family holiday there is not going to be any arguing, in fact these products are going to be one of the first things to be packed. You go Snackaby bags, you really proved yourself. Ha!

Thanks for stopping by Willy B Mum.

Peace, Love and Snackaby Bags make the world go around!

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