Just a morning workout session with Supermodel & Mum, Adriana Lima

This morning I woke up a little earlier than usual, as, rather than getting ready for my regular morning CKO kickboxing class which is close by here in Brooklyn, I was getting ready to head into Manhattan to workout with Supermodel (of Victoria’s Secret fame) and fellow Mother, Adriana Lima.

I was part of select group invited to experience Adriana’s fitness regimen and take part in a  workout challenge, hosted by AMAZONIA Beverages, while also raising awareness for one of Adriana’s causes she holds close to her heart – St. Luke Foundation for Haiti. Founded in 2001, this Haitian non-profit organization provides essential education, medical care and humanitarian outreach to 150,000 locals a year, and employs around 900 locals to help with that feat. If you would like to donate to this cause you can do so HERE.

The “Urban Jungle Workout” was instructed by Adriana’s personal trainer, Michael “Silk” Olajide Junior, at his Chelsea gym – AEROSPACE NYC. Michael is no joke, in his career as a professional boxer he won nearly all of his matches with not many losses and is a former #1 ranked middleweight Champ. That is pretty impressive! On the other hand, he is also a highly esteemed trainer with models, celebrities and general folk alike. Adriana clearly loves him, and has trained with him for around the 10 year mark! If that is not proof in the pudding I do not know what is.

USA05282014-AMAZONIA-1005USAAMAZONIA Beverages are coconut-water and tea-based drinks which are enhanced with vitamin-rich Amazon Rainforest super fruit extracts. Some of which I had excitedly never heard of before like Camu CamuCupuaçu, and Pfaffia. And others which I have like, guarana and açaí. The power of plants really fascinates me. I am a firm believer that nature has provided all we need for every condition on this Earth, just over the years, we have become dependent on synthetic ingredients and lost the ways of old. AMAZONIA Beverages are blended with organic, low-calorie ingredients to help consumers be able to achieve a high level vibe of mind, body, fitness and energy. Perfect for Mummies on the Go, like me!

This event was to also launch AMAZONIA Beverages, Urban Jungle Campaign, which features gorgeous jungle themed visuals of Adriana Lima and fellow Brazilian model Cintia Dicker, on a mobile hydration truck which is canvassing New York City all summer long! So, thirsty New Yorkers look out for the truck, especially if you have not tried the beverages as yet; it surely is very hard to miss! Want a tip? You can also follow the AMAZONIA twitter feed for daily locations HERE.

That’s Willy B Mum at the back in the pink gloves. So much FUN even if drenched in sweat!05282014-AMAZONIA-1015

So how hard was the workout?

Well, I consider myself to be very active, I do some kind of exercise every day, yes I said every single day! I usually take a high-intensity 60 minute cardio kickboxing class 4 mornings a week, and on other days I either run, play tennis or do Crossfit.

For me, it was not a walk in the park, but I did keep up!

Michael has incorporated a skipping rope component to his tailored workouts and his one-legged squat jumps were so challenging. But, as they say in Crossfit, if you want to see results – get comfortable with being uncomfortable. I loved the workout, I really pushed myself and I felt very accomplished after it had finished. I plan on going back to AEROSPACE NYC soon to do it all over again!

USAJust remember Mummies with hard work, being regular exercise and eating right, you too can be in fighting fit shape. Maybe, just like you never had a baby/babies in the first place? I know first hand this to be true! I was told when pregnant by so many people; “you will never get your body back”. However, I am now, without a doubt, in the best shape of my life, and I am so proud and happy with that. Up and At Em Mummies!

Thanks for stopping by Willy B Mum!

**Photo CREDIT: Gary He for Insider Images, used with permission on Willy B Mum.

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