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Vegan_CutsYou know, if I look back to where I was with my food journey before I decided to follow a  vegan diet 8 months ago, it was a very different picture. I had been a vegetarian for 26 years, but once I started learning about the cruelty inflicted on our beautiful animals who are forced to provide milk for us, I quickly decided to give up dairy too. Just like that, I went cold turkey, and became a 100% plant eater, and I could not be happier about the decision.

Was it easy, I hear you ask? Well, yes and no.

Yes it was; as it was like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I had finally done something I had talked and wondered about for a long time. I respect all animals on such a profound level and I could finally tick it off my list. My conscience is clear. I am doing what I can to reduce harm to animals. Not just that though, I lost a lot of weight, around 26 pounds to be exact! I feel healthier, my skin is clearer and I have a lot more energy…. similar to how I feel when I do a juice cleanse! Of course, I also credit this to my newly found sobriety, but not eating dairy was huge. It is a lot of saturated fat after all.

No it wasn’t; as the first month or so, I struggled with what I could and could not eat, especially in the snack food department. I went hungry a few times when not at home, and out and about. I was constantly reading labels and realizing that some products marketed to be plant-based (like most Go Veggie cheese substitute slices) are not actually vegan at all. It was also challenging ordering when eating at restaurants at times, as some meals, like deserts, mainly contain dairy. However, after a while it became easier.

Overall, it has and still is an enlightening learning experience! Thankfully, in New York City, there are now so many options available in the vegan food department, especially snacks. Many people are hip to the health benefits of following a plant-based diet and are incorporating, or completely making the change to a kinder life. Supply and Demand right!

Vegan Cuts Hits Mainstream

If you are considering traveling on this same journey another helpful and convenient service, which I just discovered, is the monthly subscription snack and/or beaty box – Vegan Cuts.

Vegan Cuts is a network of tempeh-loving, smoothie-drinking vegans coördinated by John and Jill, a vegan couple who see veganism as a way to live a life of abundance while making choices that show compassion towards all living creatures — Vegan Cuts

Check it out

Check it out; my May Snack Box

For a small monthly fee of around $20, Vegan Cuts mail out a Snack Box full of vegan food goodies. And, with one great idea, it has become a lot easier to be inspired, stay focused and to enjoy the benefits of products which you may not know already know about. My first box arrived last month and I loved it. It is the perfect way to try out samples to see if I like them or not, and to be kept up to date on what is out there in the vegan food realm. Especially, as being a Stay-At-Home-Mum I do not have a lot of time to search online for new products!

My Snack Box included; a pomegranate drink from Oatworks (new to me), Organic Superfood Oat Cereal from Vigilant Eats (new to me), Organic Baked Lentil Chips from Mediterranean Foods (new to me), Organic Nii Nutrition Bar (new to me), Vegan Protein Sample from MCT-Lean (new to me), Organic Nuttzo seed butter sample (new to me), Numi organic savory tea samples (already a fan) and a reusable glass straw from Simply Straws (new to this company but am a HUGE fan of glass straws).

As you can see from my colored highlights above, after opening my May Snack Box I was exposed to more products that I did not know, than what I did. Love that, it makes it all worthwhile.


Already a fan of Numi tea, but was happy to receive some more samples

Vegan Cuts also, much to my delight, offer a Beauty Box which includes between 4-7 cruelty free brands to try out without having to commit to full-sized products or prices. I have not tried this as yet, but with my new business venture of creating an apothecary line, I am eager to do so!

Not forgetting, they ship worldwide! Not just the United States. Add $8 for Canada and $15 for the rest of the world.

You can find more information about Vegan Cuts at their website –

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2 thoughts on “For the convenience of becoming a plant eater — Vegan Cuts

  1. Nicole

    I love reading about your experiences with being a vegan and your vegan recipes. It seems like such a great way to live. I just wonder if it’s a difficult transition when you have family members who are serious meat eaters. I would love to convert to a vegan lifestyle, but I know my husband would never go for it. How do you handle cooking and feeding a family with differing wants and needs? Does your husband eat meat also?

    1. WillyBMum2014 Post author

      Thanks Nicole.
      It surely is a better way to live on so many levels, in my opinion.
      My husband actually does eat meat and fish, and we have adapted just fine. My Son also eats fish. This was the compromise my husband and I made when he was born; I did not want him to eat any flesh and my husband wanted him too. So to meet in the middle he eats fish. We do eat very veggie heavy in our house; salads, sides, veggies, beans and grains. I think it is like anything, you get used to it.
      I do know that you will feel a lot better, and with statistics like vegans rarely experiencing heart disease, cancers, strokes, or high cholesterol and that on average in the United States living 7 years longer to meat eaters, that really is enough for me to carry on this way.
      There are so many books and blogs to help on the journey too, to stay inspired! This has been a huge help for me too.


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