Mamarazzi® “Mayim’s Vegan Table” Book Launch

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I was thrilled when Willy B Mum recently gave me the opportunity to attend The Moms Mamarazzi® book launch for Mayim Bialik’s cookbook Mayim’s Vegan Table. I should start by admitting that I do not watch The Big Bang Theory, and was not allowed to watch television back when Blossom was on.  But I have been a fan of Mayim’s ever since I picked up Beyond the Sling, her insightful book on attachment parenting, and when you add that to her veganism and her PhD in neuroscience, I didn’t need to be a fan of her acting to be totally starstruck when I met her.

Dark chocolate peanut butter pie

Dark chocolate peanut butter pie

The event was held at Café Blossom, one of my husband’s and my favorite vegan date night spots. Miss Bialik posed for some photos with each of us while vegan appetizers were passed around, and then she sat down with The Moms for a brief Q&A.  She was incredibly relatable and genuine, talking with us like she was part of the group and not the guest of honor.  As a busy working mother, she revealed that she doesn’t have time to watch t.v., not even her own show.  She still has a lot of goals, she told us, and spending time catching up on all the hottest series would keep her from reaching those goals.  Basically, Mayim is just your average, everyday, Emmy Nominated author and neuroscientist.

Matzoh Ball Soup

Trying out Mayim’s Matzoh Ball Soup

After receiving a positive response to veganized dishes she shared in Kveller, a Jewish parenting magazine, Mayim put together Mayim’s Vegan Table with over 100 recipes that she makes at home for her family.  She worked with a pediatrician, Dr Jay Gordon, to include some chapters on nutrition and veganism, as well as some tips on stocking your kitchen.  Longtime vegans are unlikely to find anything in those chapters that they don’t already know, but I think it’s great that Mayim is introducing veganism to her largely non-vegan fan base.

Mayim's Pretzels turned out wonderful

Mayim’s Pretzels turned out wonderful

My husband and I have tried 4 recipes from Mayim’s Vegan Kitchen in the past two weeks (see photos), and all of them have been terrific.  The dark chocolate peanut butter pie, which she cited at the book event as one of her favorite recipes, seems to defy logic in how simple and yet how impossibly delicious it is. Mayim’s food is easy and approachable, which is perfect for non-vegans, new vegans, and beginner cooks. But it’s truly a worthwhile resource for anyone with limited time.  I can’t wait to make my way through more of her recipes.

Loved Mayim's Oat Pancakes

Loved Mayim’s Oat Pancakes

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 10.07.53 PMThis posting was graciously written by Brooklyn Resident, Michelle Thiele, who is a Mother to 13-month-old vegan Jamie.
Michelle writes about food and family at Michelle’s Tiny Kitchen.

She’s also a staff writer for the Mommy Nearest Magazine.
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  1. Amber Ludwig

    OH this sounds fantastic!! This book is going on my Christmas list!! I love her and seriously if you haven’t seen The Big Bang Theory you probably should because its AMAZING and so hilarious!!


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