Keeping it green with reusable sustainable glass straws

Glass Straws in fresh coconuts; perfection!

Glass Straws in fresh coconuts; perfection!

A few months back, I stumbled upon, another Eco Mummy’s blog on a posting about Glass Dharma Straws. The article started by highlighting the copious amount of straws that end up in landfills; and that was literally like a real shocker to me! I consider myself to be an advocate of the Earth, and do all I can to help preserve this beautiful Planet we call home. But WOW, I had just never thought of the damage plastic straws do.

To put that into perspective; it is estimated by environmental groups that close to 500 million, yes I said 500 million, straws are used just in the United States each day. Unfortunately, only some end up in landfills and others end up killing our precious animals, or rubbishing our Earth. The Ocean Conservancy has rated plastic straws as one of the Top 10 items of litter picked up in their annual global beach clean up day. Plastic Straws also are not biodegradable, so EVEN if they make it to the landfill, they are not going anywhere EVER. And, here was the kicker for me, plastic straws contain toxins right? I mean, another thing I should have already thought about, but just hadn’t. Of course they do; basically, plastic is just a bunch of boiled down run-of-the-mill chemicals, and research suggests that all plastics can leach chemicals if they’re scratched or heated and here we are, just sipping away.

Yes please, I will have some fresh organic kale juice with a chemical laden plastic straw, and it must be organic kale or I am not drinking it! Pesticides on my food NO WAY, but chemicals in my straw ALL GOOD! – Me in the past, at the local juice bar, completely oblivious and contradicting myself tenfold.

And, it dawned on me! It was like a light went off in my head. MUST NOT DRINK OUT OF PLASTIC STRAWS, MUST FIND ALTERNATIVE! What I did next was reach out to Glass Dharma and ask them if they would be interested in sending me some straws so I could try them out, and help spread the good word. They said yes and the rest is history….

Teaching little Miles Storm about the benefit of being kind to the earth by using reusable glass straws

Teaching little Miles Storm about the benefit of being kind to the earth by using reusable glass straws

Most recently, we went for a family holiday to the Caribbean Island in the West Indies of Antigua, and I made sure I packed our glass straws with us. I did this, as I foresaw that most places we require straws, like restaurants and resorts, will not have alternatives to plastic straws. And, as my Son is 3.5 years of age, straws are a really big help. I also, wanted to see how they travel as I plan on taking them with us everywhere moving forward. Next up, we are heading to Palm Dessert in California. Wherever we go, they go. Period!

And to answer your question; the straws traveled really well. This is because they individually arrive in a sturdy cardboard hugging protective box, which are very small and really easy to slip into a nook in your luggage. No worries there!

Most plastic straws are made from Polypropylene and are considered safe for humans to use, but who are these people telling us they are safe to use? Are they going to change their mind in a few years, and what does that really mean? I am just not buying it. Why does everything have to be so dodgy, why can’t big companies just provide items that are safe rather than just wanting to make money and not really care about what happens to any of us. Not to mention, don’t they care that they are 100% contributing to slowly destroying the Earth? Makes me so sad to think about it.

Hopefully by the time my Son has children himself, plastic straws will be a thing of the past

Hopefully by the time my Son has children himself, plastic straws will be a thing of the past — I hope so!

Glass Dharma have been focused on making handmade eco-friendly glass straws in the United States since 2007. Their straws are made of borosilicate_glass (think Pyrex®) which is the strongest glass available. It’s also dishwasher safe, non-porous, hypoallergenic and can withstand very high temperatures. Long story short, it is a lot better for you to be sipping out of glass straws! Just in case, you have not already picked that up yet from this article. Ha!

Glass Dharma Straws range in price starting at $7 and up. They come in variety of lengths and diameters to suit individual needs, as well as accessories like a cleaning brush (which I highly recommend) and hemp sleeves, which come in an ocean pallet of colors and are designed to carry one straw. They also offer free shipping on retail orders over $100, and a hassle-free lifetime guarantee against breakage.


Ah, wish we were back on the beach sipping fresh coconut out of our glass straws

We can all make small changes which can have a BIG impact on our future. Whether you consider avoiding sickness, helping the environment or a wish for healthier alternatives; by using reusable straws it is a step in the right direction to secure change.

Thanks for stopping by and reading Willy B Mum. Every day is Earth Day!


Enter here, for a chance to win a $25 dollar gift certificate from Glass Dharma to shop their website for your very own glass straws. You gotta be in it to Win it… as the saying goes.

Good Luck and thank-you Glass Dharma for donating this, and giving us all an alternative to plastic. Love Your Vibe!
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12 thoughts on “Keeping it green with reusable sustainable glass straws

  1. Monica

    Fantastic pictures and incredibly detailed review! I’ve been meaning to ask you about these straws ever since I saw your post about them on social media. Honestly, I’ve always wondered if some of my autoimmune diseases were triggered by exposure to known endocrine disruptors (including plastics). In my early twenties, I was foolish enough to drink coffee (HOT coffee) out of plastic straws bc I once read that it would prevent teeth staining (and yes – I’m embarrassed to admit such stupidity!). Although I can’t undue the past, I’m incredibly careful about what my family is exposed to. Entered your giveaway! xx

    1. WillyBMum2014 Post author

      Thanks Mon, for all the positive words as always. Yeah, I wonder too whether the exposure to certain plastics contributed to your situation. It is so hard to tell, and sure as we grow older we get wiser so do not beat yourself up too much about the hot coffee in plastic straws. I honestly had no idea about the destruction plastic straws have on our bodies or our Planet till a few months ago! It’s all a learning experience!
      Thanks for entering the giveaway too. Hope to see you soon x

    1. WillyBMum2014 Post author

      I love that they are so strong and sturdy. Takes a little while to get used too after the flimsy plastic kind, but, a change definitely worth making. Miles Storm loves his. He told me that the one of him in the picture by himself; “is so beautiful it looks like a Christmas Tree”. Too cute

    1. WillyBMum2014 Post author

      Great question, and I just added this information into the posting too!
      The straws traveled really well. This is because they individually arrive in a sturdy cardboard hugging protective box, which are very small and really easy to slip into a nook in your luggage.

  2. Musama Heppell

    Great post, well detailed and lovely pictures. I always wondered about alternatives to plastic straws and after a few Google searches nothing came up. So I am extremely glad I stumbled across this. I will be buying some, I hope they ship to they U.K 🙂

    1. WillyBMum2014 Post author

      Thank-You so much! Ah, how I wish we were back on the beach.
      So happy to be spreading the word about alternatives to plastic. You are going to love the straws. Happy sipping!

  3. savanah bourgeois

    I’ve been trying to be more eco-friendly and I think these Glass Dharma products are awesome. I’ve seen them on a couple of blogs but you made the most out of yours. Beautiful beach and beautiful family. I apologize I don’t have instagram but good luck to everyone on this giveaway.

    1. WillyBMum2014 Post author

      Thank-you so much for these positive words. Made my day!
      You can also enter the giveaway if you have twitter or a facebook account. It is my first time hosting a giveaway, but next time I will make sure that people can enter by signing up with an email address too.
      Have a great day, Libby.

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