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Something strange and enlightening happened to me when I became pregnant with my now 3-year-old Son; I became obsessed with only using products on/in my body which were toxin free. This included the FACE STOCKHOLM bright orange nail polish, (which doesn’t contain DBP, Toluene or Formaldehyde), that I am wearing in the photo below, to everything in between; skin moisturizer, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, deodorant even the food I ate. Geez, I even stopped drinking coffee!

Thankfully, this train of thought, has continued with me throughout the life of my little munchkin. Not a day goes by that I do not learn something new towards living more of a toxin free family life, and for that I am grateful.

Most recently, I have started making my own body butter. All commercial moisturizer that were in my family’s home has now been thrown away. Seeya later Alligator! From here on in, it is homemade forever! This is the only sure way to know 100%, what is going on our bodies is safe, because let’s be honest, the ingredients in most creams these days is F-R-I-G-H-T-E-N-I-N-G!

What are these personal care companies thinking?? Oh sure, can I please have some parabens, propylene glycol, dioxane, sodium laurel(SLS),  artificial dye, artificial scent, acrylamide, lanolin, and some alcohol in my moisturizer please; it is exactly what I need on my skin seeping into my body!! NOT.

Me on the Island of Šipan in Croatia, 23 weeks pregnant.

Me on the Island of Šipan in Croatia, 23 weeks pregnant.

Willy B Mum Body Butter is handmade in a kitchen upstate NY in the picturesque Hudson Valley. Our natural vegan moisturizer is made with an emphasis on food ingredients. All of our creams are a base of organic shea butter and cocoa butter. We then add a light oil of either grapeseed, apricot kernel or almond into the mix. Vitamin E is added, as is arrowroot to contain some of the oiliness. To finish it off, we add a 100% essential oil for fragrance and for its medicinal properties. That is it! Very simple, very natural and just like skin care used to be years ago.

If I cannot pronounce or recognize an ingredient in the ingredient list of a skin care product, I am not using it; it is that simple. Alternatively, I will just make my own.


Want to know more about the ingredients we use and why we use them;

  • Shea Butter – Is a fat extracted from the nut of the African Shea tree which is edible. And, listen up Mummies, it is an essential heresay for helping with stretch marks caused from growing tummy or boobies while pregnant. Of course, it is so much effective when used in its unaltered raw state, which is how we serve it in our body butters. Shea Butter has anti-inflammatory properties, and is a superior natural moisturizer. The Vitamin A found in Shea Butter is known to help with many skin concerns such as eczema, wrinkles, itching skin and blemishes. Additionally, it can help with skin allergies like frostbite, sunburn and insect bites; also aiding in wound recovery.
  • Cocoa Butter – is a vegetable fat extracted from the cocoa bean which is edible and used to make chocolate. Another highly sought after remedy for the prevention of stretch marks, it is also beneficial in treatment of skin concerns like eczema and psoriasis. Cocoa Butter is high in anti-oxidants which help keep free radicals at bay. Free Radicals are everywhere; in our bodies, the air and materials around us. They contribute to aging related illnesses so the more anti-oxidants you can consume the better. It is also a natural preservative having a shelve life of 2 years+ on its own.
  • Apricot Kernel Oil – is pressed from the dried seeds of the apricot fruit. It is an edible light oil, high in Vitamin A, which softens the skin. It is absorbed quickly and helps support a healthy glow. It also has a long shelf life which is perfect for natural products.
  • Grapeseed Oil – is pressed from the seed from the grape. It is an edible light oil which is an excellent moisturizer for dry skin leaving a nice gloss after use. It has anti-aging properties, and can be used towards tightening and toning skin. Grapeseed Oil can also improve stretch marks!!
  • Sweet Almond Oil – is pressed from the dried kernel of sweet almonds. It is an edible light oil which is a wonderful dry-skin moisturizer that absorbs quickly into the skin. As it helps to reduce inflammation, redness, and itching it also aids with skin concerns like psoriasis and eczema. Sweet Almond Oil also contains anti-aging properties, which help protect and revitalize the skin.
  • Arrowroot – is powdery starch product which is extracted from the roots of the arrowroot plant. It is edible, being beneficial during pregnancy, as it is good source of naturally found Folate; also known as Vitamin B9. Ground arrowroot is a natural baby powder option giving a baby’s bum a soft silky feel. We like to use arrowroot as a thickening agent so our body butter is not so oily.
  • Natural Vitamin E – is a fat soluble vitamin which is found in many foods and nuts. The variety we use is known as Tocopherol, from sunflower seed oil. Besides being a strong antioxidant, it helps with wrinkles, scars, burns and yes, stretch marks! We also like to use it as a natural preservative as it prolongs shelf life.
  • Essential Oils – are concentrated plant liquids containing volatile aroma properties, which have therapeutic properties used to promote health and well-being. Used for thousands of years throughout history, each essential oil has a differing health correspondence.
Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter in raw fort

Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter in raw form

So there you have it, the story of how the Willy B Mum Body Butter came about. Hopefully, this project grows into a beautiful thing, and I end up making all kinds of wonderfully safe organic vegan personal products. That would be a dream come true!

Thanks for visiting Willy B Mum; Peace, Plants and Love Make the World Go Around!


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  1. Stephanie Banhart

    This looks amazing!! It’s scary to look at what is in things you use everyday! This is so informative – thank you!

  2. Jessie

    Hi! I went to your etsy shop to finally purchase some and it is not available! Are there other ways to purchase it? Thanks!

  3. Amber Ludwig

    Sounds amazing!! And can I just say that I am so super jealous of your fabulousness at 23 weeks pregnant lol!! Im pretty sure I was a pimply oily mess!! I totally agree that we should all know exactly what goes ON our bodies as well as IN!!


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