Happy Australia Day from Downunder Mate

Today is Australia Day, and besides being my little brother’s birthday, it is a cause for great celebration in my home country of Australia as it is the anniversary of the arrival of the First Fleet into Botany Bay back in 1788. Here in New York, it is usually a day that I feel more homesick than normal, and it makes me wish I was home to share the celebration especially with my 3-year old Son.

Thankfully though and to ease my separation from my home, Willy B Mum now has a contributing writer who is based in Australia. Specifically, from the breathtakingly beautiful Blue Mountain area of New South Wales. If you are not familiar with Australia; Sydney is the main city in the state of New South Wales so you have a better idea, or I could just say – it is on the East Coast side somewhere in the middle! Suzanne Robinson is a mother to five-year old identical twin girls, Lillian and Julia. She blogs at Mummy to Twins.

Happy Australia Day Everybody

Happy Australia Day Everybody

Now over to Suzanne….


Today is Australia Day and we celebrated in usual style, a BBQ with mates. Do you find that the holidays are days where you have the chance to catch up with family or friends? Do you ever wonder why we don’t make more of an effort to see loved ones, rather than wait for a holiday?

The Katoomba Airfield decorated for the Australia Day BBQ.

The Katoomba Airfield, located in the state of New South Wales, decorated for the annual Australia Day BBQ.

Like you am very busy. I have five-year old twin girls, a house, a blog and other things to keep my time occupied, so of course, the days that are public holidays and long weekends are the times that I love the most because it means the long awaited catch up with friends and loved ones.

Lamingtons; a traditional Australian sweet as famous as vegemite

Lamingtons; a traditional Australian sweet as famous as Vegemite

So what is Australia Day all about?

Australia Day is similar to the Fourth of July celebrations in the United States; the holiday and the celebration, in regards to the nation and the coming together of family and friends is very much like what happens here.

Julia waving the Australian Flag

Julia waving the Australian Flag

Is there anything that happens in Australia to celebrate?

The options are endless when it comes to celebrating Australia Day, no matter what you choose to do though, it is usually spending time with family and friends and having a good time.

We go to the famous nearby Katoomba Airfield every year to enjoy the annual Australia Day BBQ. Mostly it is all plane and pilot speak, but every now and then it is broken up by activities that others can join in with as well – learning to fly, maintaining the planes, talking to other pilots, and fixing up the runway. Our group has grown to people who catch up at the BBQ, regardless of interest in planes.

It was lovely to kickback and relax. The kids played and ran around in the open fresh country air. I even managed to have some alone adult time with a good friend and, YES had some uninterrupted conversation! I know priceless.

Lillian the Australian Flag on her hat

Lillian the Australian Flag on her hat

One thing that I took away from today is to try and make more of an effort to connect with friends and family. Why do I need a public holiday or long weekend to do this? I can do it now. I just need to make the time.

My good mate was telling me that she was sorry for not being able to see us more. I told her I understood as she has a job that is shift work so it is hard. However, it did not stop me from trying to stop by to see her, even for short visits to say hello.

I think I will make 2014 the year to connect with more people. I will make more of an effort to visit, touch base and be more present.

James my hubby and myself at the BBQ on Australia Day. It was cold and although summer I needed a jumper.

James my hubby and myself at the BBQ on Australia Day. It was cold and although summer I needed a jumper (Australian for sweater).

What are your thoughts? Do you wish you could connect more with loved ones?

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**This posting was written mainly by Mummy to Twins, but I did make some changes here and there to make it a little easier for the average American to understand. Us Australians just speak a language all of our own!

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    Dear Maddie,

    I love your picture. you back painted with the Australian Flag.
    I want to use the image on our Twitter account. Do you agree?
    And if so, do you also want your name mentioned?

    Kind regards,
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