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Whenever I am pushing my Son in his pram down the Street and we see a disused plastic shopping bag floating in the wind or on the ground, he will say something to me like “Mummy somebody doesn’t care about the Earth, get the bag, quick”. And, I always do. I am constantly picking up bags and putting them in rubbish bins. Today alone I took 2 bags stuck, out of trees to dispose of them properly. Yes, I am that person and now my 3-year-old Son is also aware (because he has seen me pick up so many bags during his young life) and helping the Earth to be a cleaner place by letting me know if there is a bag that I happen to miss!

And, this is why I am encouraged and inspired when I meet like-minded people in the world. It is comforting to know that I am not the only crazy person out there who may be skewed as a little nutty….

1422492_10151944936704871_1181539897_nMost recently, I was sent a package from green inspired – Milesh Jain AKA Dr Ghabit – who is based in Chicago and is doing his part to help the Earth. Well that is an understatement, he actually lives and breathes green. He started his company Ghabit to help guide others to honor our planet and develop greener habits. He promotes the idea that if we all work together we can each leave a greener footprint on the Earth.

Ghaby’s Organic Garden

Milesh wrote a book called “Ghaby’s Organic Garden” which is sustainably printed in the USA on recycled paper using non-toxic inks. Additionally, there is an adorable little green penguin puppet who is handmade from recycled plastic bottles. The story is eco-educational which explains how to plant an organic vegetable garden while highlighting why junk food is not a healthy option. This is told in the ways of songs and catchy rhymes known as “Ghabit Habits”. The illustrations are sunny, bright and a lot of fun. Not to mention, Ghaby the little green penguin puppet is great at tickling and making little ones laugh and laugh!

Ghaby's going to get you

Tickle Time with Ghaby, Miles and I

I believe that it is very important to teach our children at an early age about our natural Earth and what one can do to preserve the beauty and our assets. The more little green heroes we have the better, and with a book like this it will be a lot easier to get that message across.

Ghabit Habit #2 – Let the earthworms go poo-poo to nourish the soil two by two.

Ghaby’s Organic Garden, depending on the option you choose, ranges in price from $9.99 to $29.99 and can be bought HERE.  As added incentive, with every book sold another book is donated to a  school in a low-income community. Love that!

Ghaby's Organic Garden

Ghaby’s Organic Garden and Twisted Caps

Twisted Caps

Not stopping with a book; when Milesh learned that most bottle caps, as well as plastic bottles with caps left on are not recyclable and thus end up in landfills, he came up with another great idea! Why not save the lids by turning them into interchangeable bottle cap jewelry. He is an ideas man!

This works with a standard base known as a “twister” (white cap in bottom photo) and on top of that you attach, by screwing on, a custom designed lid (like the Willy B Mum cap in bottom photo), which is interchangeable with other lids. This is a fun, creative option for organizations to raise money in an eco-friendly way.

You can learn more about the patent-pending Twister HERE

Twisted Caps up close

Loving the Willy B Mum Cap which acts as a wrist bracelet

We love you Milesh AKA Dr Ghabit, please keep up the Good Work!

Please support this cause and Share the Love by connecting with Ghabit through their social media avenues; Twitter, You Tube and Facebook.

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