Disney Frozen, because some Movies are worth writing about

The cold weather is in full effect here in New York City. Yep, there is no turning back; it is full pledge gloves, beanies and spencer (Australian for thermals) weather.

Being a Stay At Home Mum & having a 3 year-old-Son who is bustling with energy, I am experiencing a new stage with him again. What do I do to keep him busy when it is too cold to spend time outdoors? If you ask me this question again, once Winter is over, I am sure I will be able to reel off a bevy of answers. But for now, I know that movies are a suitable option!

Last week, Miles Storm and I were invited by event extraordinaire The Moms to attend a screening of the much-anticipated 3D Disney Movie Frozen. Frozen is loosely based on Hans Christian Anderson’s fairytale – The Snow Queen; being a tale of good, evil, love and life lessons.

Although, Frozen may look like it may be better suited to young girls, do not be fooled. My 3-year-old Son loved the movie and is still raving about the Talking Snowman Olaf and the Ice Princess Elsa. But just to back up a bit….

Miles Storm and I about to watch the Disney Movie - Frozen

Miles Storm and I about to watch the Disney Movie – Frozen

Princess Anna and Princess Elsa are 2 sisters who are very different. Elsa was born with special powers where she unwillingly can create devastating ice and snow effects from touch or from feeling emotional, wild and crazy (I know how that goes). Anna, on the other hand, lacks powers but makes up for it with her fearlessness, kindness and never-give-up attitude.

As a child, Elsa harnessed her powers by always wearing gloves and learning to control her mind, but this all goes haywire one day when she puts her beloved village of Arendelle into an eternal winter. Unknowingly, she then takes off to an Ice Castle deciding this is where she will stay.

Like a good sister should, Anna, decides to find her in what becomes a maddening intertwine of sit-on-the-edge-of-your-seat events. Along her way, she encounters the help of hilarious characters like lovable Olaf the Snowman, rugged Mountain Man Kristoff and his loyal Reindeer Sven, and my favorite Trading Post and Sauna owner; Oaken. Oaken had me in stitches! Just, loved him.


Frozen is a clever tale of life lessons, sense of community and perpetual sibling love. Princess Elsa must shape up and  embrace her powers to overcome the fear of her somewhat frightening abilities. While Princess Anna must figure out what true love really means and does not mean!

I really do not want to give away the whole story here so I am not going to say too much more…

Frozen is full of music, laughs and wonder. It is a visually appealing movie which my Son and I really enjoyed. The theme of snowy days, is fitting to watch with the Northern Hemisphere Winter upon us. I will also say that from where we were sitting in the Theater, combined with the effects of wearing the 3D glasses, there was a lot of oohing and ahhing in awe – it was clearly a hit with the young crowd.

Frozen opens to the public, here in the United States, the day before Thanksgiving being Wednesday November the 27th. Showtimes, and advance ticket sales can be found at this link on the movie website FANDANGO.

Thanks for getting your Disney on and Reading my BLOG, I hope you enjoy Frozen as much as my Son and I did!

7 thoughts on “Disney Frozen, because some Movies are worth writing about

  1. Amber Ludwig

    We love Frozen too!! Such a great movie and my son thinks every snowman is Olaf lol!! I wish they had more promo stuff oriented towards boys but I digress 😉 Im so glad you shared your love for it too!!


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