Trick or Treat for UNICEF, such a wonderful thing!

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UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund)…
…. Saves thousands of young lives around the world each day.
…. Works towards the day when no child dies from a preventable cause.
…. Does whatever it takes to give children the basics of a happy, healthy childhood.

When I think of Trick-or-Treating and Halloween, what immediately comes to mind is copious amounts of lollies (Australian for candy) and comically scary creatures, with little kids walking around dressed as ghosts having fun. For me, it is a Holiday which I am not really experienced with as I was brought up in Australia where it was not a holiday recognized or celebrated. I mean, of course I saw it on the movies and on TV shows but that is as far as it really went.

However, now that my Son is 3 years of age and I am living in the USA, I am in full-swing learning the Ins & Outs of Halloween as I go along. And, it is really fun!

This week I was invited to an event hosted by NYC Mummy Sensation – THE MOMS – highlighting the 2013 Trick-or-Treat UNICEF campaign. I took Miles with me, as much to his sheer joy, it was held at the most unusual (and perhaps famous) – Dylan’s Candy Bar.

So Much Fun

So Much Fun

This Annual program of “Kids helping Kids” has been executed in the United States since 1950. During this time, more that 170 million dollars has been raised to help suffering children in 190 Countries by providing the basic necessities like clean water, healthy food, education, immunizations and education.

How it Works

  • Standard Trick-or-Treating; collecting money from people who children visit door to door. You can usually order the orange boxes from UNICEF HERE but as it is bit close to Halloween it is not an option at this time
  • Download a Canister Label to create your very own fundraising container HERE
  • Once all the money is collected, participants download a Donation Form HERE and send it to the Trick-Or-Treat UNICEF NYC headquarters, or money can be deposited at a Coinstar Kiosk

Other Ways To Donate To UNICEF

  • During the months of November and December the IKEA Foundation donates €1 (approx $1.40 USD) for every “Soft Toy for Education” that is sold in participating IKEA stores. You can see one of the cute little Snuggles in the photo above
  • Donate $10 by Texting the word “TOT” to the phone number 864 233 (USA only)
  • Buy Caryl Stern’s, President and CEO of the US Fund for UNICEF’s Memoirs, which is about her travels around the World helping others. 100% of profits benefit less fortunate children. The book retails for $25.99 and you can buy it HERE
  • Buy your Halloween cards from UNICEF like this cute box card set for only $10 HERE
  • Follow UNICEF on Twitter, LIke them on Facebook, not forgetting INSTAGRAM. By sharing posts through your social media outlets you are helping to promote awareness of the various programs that UNICEF is running
Miles Storm loving the Mamarazzi UNICEF event at Dylan's Candy Bar in NYC

Miles Storm loving the Mamarazzi UNICEF event at Dylan’s Candy Bar in NYC

Thanks so much to Denise and Melissa (who are THE MOMS) for inviting Miles Storm and I to the Mamarazzi UNICEF event. If we had not  been in attendance, I would still be clueless and not know about this wonderful opportunity to raise money for UNICEF each year.

This Halloween I am sending Miles Storm out with his “I Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF” tote bag and his little orange box, and we are going to see what we get back? Surely, learning about this program so close to Halloween means that we will be somewhat limited in outreach. However, on the Plus Side it means we have 12 months to prepare for our UNICEF Halloween next year!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYBODY, and thanks for reading my BLOG!

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