The CozyWoggle, a thoughtful invention by a Mum

I started WIlly B Mum close to 2 years ago now, not really knowing what to expect. I had written a Blog before, but it was not parent related and Social Media was not as influential as it is today. My intention was to connect with other Mothers for support, and to document my journey being a first time Mother. Willy B Mum has brought me many positive opportunities which I am very grateful for. I have met other Mothers who have become good friends, I have learned so much, and have been able to share the wisdom I have, to help other Mothers along their journey too. It has truly been magical!

cozywoggle_300I connected with Alexandria VA Mother of 2, Cherlyn Jenkins through my Facebook page awhile back and she is truly an inspiration. After learning that it was dangerous for babies/children to be in a car seat, while in thick winter jackets, she set out to invent a product that was safe, warm and convenient while maneuvering to and from a car in the cold weather. Because of her dedication, there is now such a product available on the market, which Cherlyn called the CozyWoggle!

Here in the North East part of America, it gets very cold around this time. And I have to tell you, it is very challenging & time-consuming to dress a child in a jacket, walk to the car, undress the child of the jacket, strap him into a car seat, drive to where you are going, and then dress the child back in a jacket.

Possibly unaware, a lot of parents strap their children into car seats with jackets on, not realizing what could result and the danger this imposes if they were involved in a car crash. Personally, I was guilty of this until I learned all about the CozyWoggle, I just had absolutely no idea.

Miles Storm becoming acquainted with his new CozyWoggle jacket

Miles Storm becoming acquainted with his new CozyWoggle jacket

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for children between ages 2-14, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Part of the problem is that young children are often strapped into their car seats while wearing a heavy coat, with the straps loosened for comfort. In the event of an accident, the coat compresses, leaving the harness loose and increasing the child’s risk for ejection from the car seat and/or the possibility of injuries from the loose belts —

Most recently, Cherlyn sent me a CozyWoggle to test out on my 3-year-old Son, and I am so happy she did. The weather this last few days here in New York has plummeted to the 20’s, it is well and truly Winter Jacket time. I have this feeling that it is going to be a brutal Winter, and I know that our CozyWoggle is going to make our lives a lot easier, not to mention way more comfortable for my Son.

What to Do with A CozyWoggle

  1. Place Child loosely in Car Seat
  2. Unzip the sides of CozyWoggle from down to up, then remove child’s arms from cuffs
  3. Underneath the jacket fasten seat belt and secure it snuggly
  4. Leave the CozyWoggle loose like a blanket
  5. Once at destination, unbelt child
  6. Place hands in cuffs and zip sides of the jacket
  7. Leave the car, on your way, warm and cozy

It is that easy! Heed warning though, Cherlyn told me in advance that it may take a few times to perfect the technique, but I was able to figure it out easily enough.

Step 1 and Step 2

Step 1 and Step 2

Step 3 and Step 4

Step 3 and Step 4

The high-quality CozyWoggle is available in 4 colors – red, navy blue, pink and purple. Sizing starts at 12 months through to 6 years, retailing at $74.99 and can be bought online at Oh yeah, it has also been crash-tested in both forward and rear facing car seats and was deemed to be Safe…. just in case you were wondering!

The CozyWoggle is a product that I really love, and for under a $100 it is worth the spend to give yourself that extra peace of mind when out on the Roads this Winter.

Thanks for reading my BLOG! Hope you enjoyed my post!

2 thoughts on “The CozyWoggle, a thoughtful invention by a Mum

  1. Amber Ludwig

    Love this jacket!! We live in wisconsin so the freezing winter temps can make jacket and car seat issues a total pain in the tush!! I wish the price wasn’t so expensive tho :/


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