Four Halloweens and Counting

When, my 3-year-old Son was born, my husband bought me my first iPhone. The main reason for this gift was so I could use one of the breast milk calculator APPS; you know one that counts how many minutes you breastfeed on each boob for, per day per feeding!

My husband likes to keep track of everything, he is a numbers guy, and this was a way he could keep in tune with how his wife and baby were doing. It was also really handy information to have on a digital spreadsheet for when we visited the Pediatrician. Welcome to the future! At a glance, our Doctor was able to see whether Miles Storm was drinking a healthy amount of breast milk. And, I have to tell you, having to nurse every 3 hours to feed Miles I was of no help in remembering how much milk he was drinking, I was more like a walking sleep-deprived zombie! It was all such a blur. Yep, those were the good old days.

Another thing that my husband signed me up for around that time was the relatively unknown Iphone APP known as Instagram. Yes, I have uploaded photos of my life on Instagram for 3 years, and that time has flown by. I am actually really grateful for this introduction for many reasons. One being that I have dated visual memories that I can go back and visit at any time, and being a Mummy Blogger this is incredibly helpful at times, like now. Social Media; how would we live without it.

From a cute little Father Christmas to this year’s IronMan; I am so looking forward to seeing my Son’s Halloween costumes progress over the years to come. I invite you to enjoy the different stages of my little munchkin growing up through the 4 Halloween’s he has experienced in his young life so far.

First Halloween
Year 2010
Father Christmas
Brooklyn NY
Miles Storm was around 6 weeks of age during his first Halloween. I had planned to take him to a Halloween Party with my Mother, who was visiting from Australia, but it did not work out as planned. Instead we dressed him in his Father Christmas outfit, which he posed for with our Bulldog Mohawk, a few weeks later.

Just after Halloween 1 - dressed up as Father Christmas with our bulldog Mohawk

Around 6.5 pounds

Second Halloween
Year 2011
Kangaroo and Joey
Rhinebeck NY
1-year-old; one of the best ages for Halloween, from a Parent perspective anyway. Miles Storm had just started walking, and did not mind whether that he was dressed up as a cute kangaroo. I was also happy to represent my homeland of Australia. Not to mention, everybody just thought that he was adorable.

Skippy the Bush Kangaroo

Skippy the Bush Kangaroo

Third Halloween
Year 2012
Rhinebeck NY

Halloween, was for the most part, cancelled in New York in the aftermath of the devastating, Hurricane Sandy, which had hit landfall a week earlier. Miles Storm had picked his costume out, and was very excited about it all, so instead we took him to the Rhinebeck Farmer’s Market where he strutted his stuff. He was loving life this day, literally as proud as punch. As you can see, a picture speaks a thousand words.

Ahoy Matey!

Ahoy Matey!

Fourth Halloween
Year 2013
Brooklyn NY
Sigh…. this year Miles Storm was adamant that he must be dressed as cartoon character Ironman. It took him hours to choose his outfit from a catalogue which came in the mail, and while my husband and I tried to convince him otherwise, he would not budge! From a cute fluffy kangaroo to a superhero that wants to save the World. Such a boy! This was also his first time Trick or Treating which he just did with the other children in our apartment building.

IronMan, what next

Ironman, what next

What are the varying characters that your child/children have dressed as over the years? When do children stop wanting to dress up?

Happy Halloween Everybody, and here is to many more to come!


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