Happy 3rd Birthday Super Hero Miles Storm!

September the 16th 2013 marks my Son’s 3rd Birthday, and I have mixed emotions about that. Part of me feels like he is growing up way too fast and everything is slipping by, and another part of me is so proud with the way he is growing into such a happy, considerate and caring little boy. I love being his Mum so much!

Planning his 3rd birthday ended up being a last-minute affair, which was okay as I work really well on deadlines. It was my main responsibility to organize his Birthday Party as my husband, being so busy with work has limited time for domestic duties. In retrospect, this is probably for the better, otherwise we probably would’ve argued over the finer points.

When Miles Storm woke up he had a cake and we sang Happy Birthday to him, yes on this one special day of the year it was Cake for Brekkie. Continuing on at his morning school group he had cupcakes, a BIG Happy Birthday sign and his class sang the traditional song! Later in the afternoon he had his official birthday party! Fortunately, the building we live in has a Children’s play room, which served us well as the venue for his Rockin’ birthday party. He had so much fun and it was a huge success. A lot of his friends came, with Mummies and Nannies alike.

Thankfully, we did have some help from different people who really helped make this a good time all around. The party might not have been so exciting without them!!

The local Williamsburg Brooklyn Children’s indoor play facility Klub 4 Kidz generously offered Miles a free face painter, with Miles choosing to be Batman for the occasion. Klub 4 Kidz is an awesome facility that has an Indoor Rock Climbing Wall, Toddlers Room, a 3-tier playground, as well as a disco room. They offer many special events as well as amazing birthday parties. Thank-you Tina for that!

One of our friends and up and coming celebrity photographer, Brock Fetch, came and took the photos of Miles Storm’s birthday party. So grateful for that, as now we have physical keepsakes (not just Iphone photos) to remember this day always. Miles and Brock have a very special relationship having quickly bonded over a short amount of time together, which is very interesting to watch!

Also, want to give a HUGE thank-you to the Bedford Baking Studio for making the most amazing vegan, gluten-free birthday cake and cupcakes. All the cupcakes went so fast, and the cake was not too far behind. Who says you need dairy products in cakes? I remember going into Bedford Baking Studio for Miles Storm’s 2nd Birthday last year to ask if they did Gluten Free or Vegan products and the answer was a definite No. A year later, the same bakery offers many many options in these categories. Surely a sign of the times. If you are in Williamsburg Brooklyn and need a cake I highly recommend a visit to the owner Tolga, he is so accommodating and willing to work with you to create something amazing.

Happy 3rd Birthday Super Hero Miles Storm!

Thanks for reading my BLOG!

PS – In case you are wondering who did the awesome artwork on the blackboard, it was me! Ha.

**All photos Copyright Brock Fetch Photography


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