The Little Red Semi Submarine – Dubrovnik Croatia

Little Red Semi Submarine about to pick us up in the Old City!

Little Red Semi Submarine about to pick us up in the Old City!

I have traveled to Dubrovnik, Croatia for the last 4 years on our annual family summer holiday. My father-in-law was born in Croatia and raised here in Dubrovnik, so we have been fortunate to be able to stay here “local knowledge” style each time we visit. This means that we never really explore the tourist attractions, more so we visit local restaurants, hang out at the beach and spend time at the house we rent with extended family.

However, now that Miles Storm is nearly 3 years of age, this time around we were happily forced into exploring the area doing fun things to keep him entertained. Thankfully, we have experienced a whole new world of Dubrovnik because of this.

Miles Storm in the lower part of the Semi-Submarine checking it all out.

Miles Storm in the lower part of the Semi-Submarine checking it all out.

One of Dubrovnik’s new tourist attractions, is the very cute little red Semi-Submarine — named the Semi-Submarine because it does not go all the way under water. Half of it does, and half of it doesn’t. You can see from the pictures what the top looks like, and underneath there is a very small compartment which seats only 12 people at a time. It reaches 1.5 meters down and there are windows that you can look out to experience the underwater world of the surrounding Adriatic Sea.

The ride passes the Old City and then circles around sailing close-by the South East Island of Lokrum. It costs 90 Croatia Kuna per person which works out to about $16 USD – a bargain really and I think incredibly reasonable.

The Semi-Submarine runs from early morning to mid evening so you can choose what suits you best. The day tour last 45 minutes. While the night tour is 30 minutes long and has huge spotlights lighting up the water as you travel along – pretty cool.

I will say that I was extremely skirmish on the trip. I could not sit downstairs for long because of the side-to-side pendulum motion, but in all fairness we did go out when the Sea was quite rough. Instead, I spent most of the time up on deck enjoying the amazing views you have of the Old City. Dubrovnik is truly a beautiful part of the world.

We also did not see much under-water, we barely saw any sea life, just some small fish, but this did not bother Miles Storm at all, he still had a great time looking out the window and tripping-out that he was underwater! It was definitely a winner for him, and I highly recommend it as an activity for Little Ones. He especially loved when the Captain let him drive for a while. Little Boys love things like that so much don’t they!

Miles driving the Semi-Submarine

Miles driving the Semi-Submarine

To book the trip you can call ahead (number on website) or alternatively go to the company’s booth in the Old Port which is located near the Ploče Gate in the Old City aka Stari Grad. Either way, you have to physically pick up your tickets from the booth. I do suggest calling ahead of time as when we went the first 2 trips of the morning were cancelled due to a random safety/security check. Also, because it only seats 12 people you may not be able to get a seat when you hope too. It fills up fast as you can imagine.

One other thing, life-jackets are not provided, so if you want your child to wear one, like us, you will have to supply that for yourself.

For more information you can visit the web page – which includes time-tables, a map of route taken and some really cool calming music (which they unfortunately do not play while you are out on the trip).

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