Nappies are a thing of the past – Thanks to Big Boy Super-Hero Undies, Lego & the Mail Man for that one!

Thanks to the Big Boy Super Hero Undies, Lego Figurines and regular visits from the Mysteriously Aloof Mail Man — Miles Storm is now finally out of Nappies and Potty-Trained

Miles Storm at 7 months of age was using the potty every day with the technique known as - Elimination Communication

Miles Storm at 7 months of age was using the potty every day with the technique known as – Elimination Communication

Before Miles was born, a forward thinking hippy friend told me about Elimination Communication.

Elimination Communication or Infant Potty Training is raising a baby from birth without Nappies (AKA Diapers) or at the least, using minimal Nappies. Having already heard about this, when my baby boy was around 7 months of age I noticed that every morning around the same time he had to go Potty, so I thought – Let’s try this Elimination Communication thing out.

The results were amazing, simple and so straight forward. He went Potty almost all the time, except at night-time when we put him in a Nappy. My husband and I were so on top of this that we drove with a Potty around in the car, and when Miles Storm had to go, we pulled over, whipped out the Potty and he went. It was unbelievable, but unfortunately very short-lived.

8 or so months later the honeymoon ended with Miles regressing, and outright refusing to go on the Potty at all. He became very upset when I tried to encourage him and it was very clear that he was sending me the message that “No, this is not working for me anymore”. It was very disheartening to say the least, and nothing seemed to make a difference.

The whole way through this regression, I encouraged Miles to start using the Potty again. We had them scattered all over the place and I know he understood what I was saying. However, he was not interested.

Recently, with him passing the 2.5 year mark worry set in. But, just when I least expected it, a miracle happened. Not exactly in the way I would hope, but I was desperate and I seized the opportunity!!

My Son is going through a HUGE Super-Hero phase, and thank-goodness for that! Walking through the toddler section of a department store a few weeks back we turned the corner, and oh-my-goodness there were BIG BOY SUPER HERO UNDIES!

MIles Storm was beyond excited, and I have to tell you, so was!

We quickly picked up a bunch and starting that day Miles wanted to be a Big Boy and wear Big Boy Super Hero Undies. It was as easy at that! I thought that we’d do the Undies during the day and a Nappy at night to start, but Miles matter-of-fact told me – “No Mummy, I am a big boy now and big boys don’t wear Nappies”.

Well, okay then, moving right along.

Big Boy Super Hero Undies

Big Boy Super Hero Undies

Another thing that developed during the first few days of Potty Training was, my husband and I told Miles he would be rewarded for doing such a good job. My husband was traveling at the time and sent me a link to a toy store near where he was and asked if I could go online and pick something out with Miles for him to bring back to him. Somehow, Miles expected the Mail Man to deliver it to him the next day?

Thinking quick and not wanting to upset him or disturb our progress, I picked up a toy at the local store and put it in our mailbox when the coast was clear. Once he had gone Potty for the day, I pretended to call the Mail Man, told him Miles had gone Potty and then the 2 of us walked down to the mailbox to get his present. Genius right?

This went on for a few weeks, every time he went Potty, I had to call the Mail Man. And, in a matter of minutes there was a toy in the mailbox.

Lego Figurines were a huge part in this process too

Lego Figurines were a huge part in this process too

Miles has a fascination with Lego too at the moment – it is all about Lego and Super Heroes. Thus, the little figurines pictured above were perfect and affordable (Approx $4 each) for daily rewards to ensure he went Potty. Not to mention, great quality time for him and I to sit outside in the Summer Sunshine and put them together.

Sigh. This is one of the final milestones for my little boy, he is not a baby anymore. I am so sad to see that go, but so happy to see him grow. And, having this Blog and these memories can only put a smile on my face!

What about you, how did you make it through the Potty Training Saga?


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9 thoughts on “Nappies are a thing of the past – Thanks to Big Boy Super-Hero Undies, Lego & the Mail Man for that one!

  1. kristrange

    Good job Miles! Harrison is still in diapers at nighttime and is having issues with #2 but I am very happy with the progress he has made especially with a new baby sister at home.

  2. Willy B Mum

    Everybody is different, and Harrison has a lot going on right now…. Going potty is probably the least of his worries. He will get there I am sure. Maybe try the Mail Man thing, it really worked wonders for us.
    Hope to see you soon! xox

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