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Banje Beach ain’t you Grand — Dubrovnik Croatia

Banje (pronounced Ban-ya) Beach in the city of Dubrovnik, in the country of Croatia where I am visiting at the moment on a family summer holiday, reminds me of Bondi Beach (without the surfers or the big waves) in Australia where I grew up. Perfectly located close to the masses in a thriving city community, crystal clear waters which offer a bevy of activities for young families. Not to mention the beauty… well, you just cannot take that away from Bondi or Banje can you?

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The Diana, Princess of Wales’ Memorial Playground — London

If you are inclined to the Commonwealth of England, you will probably remember without a doubt where you were on August the 31st 1997 when the beloved Princess Diana passed. I definitely do. I was in Hollywood, California (where I was living at the time) with my ex-fiance former pro-skateboarder Jason Ellis.

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Nappies are a thing of the past – Thanks to Big Boy Super-Hero Undies, Lego & the Mail Man for that one!

Thanks to the Big Boy Super Hero Undies, Lego Figurines and regular visits from the Mysteriously Aloof Mail Man — Miles Storm is now finally out of Nappies and Potty-Trained

Before Miles was born, a forward thinking hippy friend told me about Elimination Communication.

Elimination Communication or Infant Potty Training is raising a baby from birth without Nappies (AKA Diapers) or at the least, using minimal Nappies. Having already heard about this, when my baby boy was around 7 months of age I noticed that every morning around the same time he had to go Potty, so I thought – Let’s try this Elimination Communication thing out.

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Baked Egg in an Avocado

I have always been partial to eggs, some years I can eat them and other years not. At the moment I can eat eggs, but only if I get them close-by our weekend house from Sepascot Home Farm upstate NY in Rhinebeck. The eggs from the Farm are true-to-life produced by the happiest chickens, who are not caged and are free to roam the property during the day eating naturally. They are very happy little chickens! Personally, I can only eat eggs if they are baked or hard-boiled. Weird I know. I cannot do fried eggs and the smell of a cooking omelette can near make me sick.

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Cedar & Orange Coconut Salt Scrub for the Body

Body exfoliators can set us back more money than we might like, and they’re often filled with laboratory-concocted ingredients. Making your own natural exfoliators is easy and can save you a ton of money —

I like to make my beauty products as much as possible, and over the years one product that I seem to excel in is exfoliating scrubs for the body.

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