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A few weeks back I was excited to receive a package of supplements for myself and my little boy from Italy’s 30-years-strong leading brand in herbal medical – Erba Vita. I will be honest when I write that I had never heard of Erba Vita before, but I know all about Erba Vita now and I am happy to share their inspirational vibe with you.

Erba Vita is available in over 30 countries being very popular in Europe, providing high-quality NON-GMO natural health products made with raw materials to millions of people. Erba Vita products also lack artificial colors, dairy, lactose, soy, eggs, fish, nuts or yeast and are rigorously tested for quality, safety and efficacy. Pretty amazing right? Especially if you take a moment to consider what goes into our mainstream medicines these days.

Sleep – Where I live, the traffic outside is so loud that even after living in New York City for 10 years I still have to put ear plugs in at night to have peace. I also usually wake up once or twice during the night! I hate this as being a Mum and on-the-go all day the last thing I want is to be sleep deprived the next morning. I really love my sleep and need every second I can get. Thankfully, this has not happened since I started taking the Erba Vita Sleep supplement which is a combination of Melatonin, California Poppy and Griffonia (native African shrub). I take one a night, and wake up feeling refreshed and not groggy (which is a big downside to a lot of the other sleep supplements available). I highly recommend this product.

Happy Mood and No Stress – Well who doesn’t want to be happy all the time and not be stressed out? I actually have not tried these products personally YET but if things get a little crazy around here, I surely will be! The No Stress product contains Siberian Ginseng and is meant to help with relaxation, while the Happy Mood product contains St John’s Wort and helps with obtaining feelings of well-being. I take away from this that the Happy Mood supplement is helpful if you are feeling depressed, and the No Stress supplement is great if something suddenly happens helping to keep you calm.

Love the concept of the 4Slim Detox Water Bottle Caps

Love the concept of the 4Slim Detox Water Bottle Caps

4Slim Detox – This is a Genius product for sure. Each box contains 20 active caps which you can add-on the top of a 500 ml water bottle, release the contents of the cap into the water and drink it throughout the day. I love this concept, which helps to rid your body of toxins while supporting healthy weight loss.

Yep, we have another winner! I will definitely be keeping a stock of these little guys in my pantry.

As my Son is not yet 3 years of age, and the Children’s Erba Vita products we have in our home are for Little People over 4 years of age, it will be quite awhile before we get to try them out.

However, I already know that for me and my family Erba Vita is a big YES YES YES just because many of the medicines/supplements, especially for children in the USA, contain so many nasty synthetic ingredients. I so much prefer a natural holistic approach as a first choice in any situation.

In the USA you can buy Erba Vita products online at Amazon

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Collection of received products Propolis Children’s Syrup & Throat Spray, Immum Kids, Throaty Kids, Detox Active Caps, No Stress, Happy Mood and Sleep Supplements

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