We LOVE Jack n’ Jill Non-Toxic toothpaste in our family home!

Jack n Jill toothpaste

Jack n Jill toothpaste and NOW YOU KNOW!

My Son’s first tooth grew in around 1 year of age. The same time my first tooth popped up when I was a little girl. With this came the simple enough realization that my husband and I would have to start brushing his teeth. Another New Experience, yep welcome to having your first child!

I struggled on this journey with my Son because he HATED having his teeth brushed – he would keep his mouth closed shut like lockjaw, cry and would jump around making it difficult to brush all of his teeth, not to mention dangerous. I tried all kinds of things – playing games, singing songs and bribery but nothing seemed to work.

Eventually it dawned on me that maybe the taste of the toothpaste was not pleasant to him. Additionally, I wondered if there were harmful ingredients in his toothpaste we were using at that time. I mean, why wouldn’t there be? There are toxins everywhere; toys, shampoos, body lotions, food, drinks! You can’t get away from them.

After doing some research I found I was right about the toxins. Take a minute to look at the list of ingredients on your child’s toothpaste – do you know what most of them are, I didn’t. And, I want to mention here that the FDA does not even require studies or testing to ensure the safety of products (like toothpaste) before they are available to the public. To me, that is just crazy especially as our Little Ones bodies are new and still developing making them more sensitive to chemical onslaught.

Ingredients in Children’s toothpaste usually include Sodium Fluoride which is an ingredient in Rat Poison, Hydrated Silica which if you dried out becomes the little packets you see in some packaged foods saying “Do Not Eat”, Sorbitol and Glycerine which ironically are both forms of sugar alcohol, Sodium Saccharin an artificial sweetener, Cellulose Gum which is an artificial thickener and not forgetting Methylparaben which is a preservative linked to cancer, skin and eye damage and male fertility issues!

Wowser, do you still want to use products with these ingredients on your children’s teeth twice a day!

After learning more about toothpaste I was determined to find the safest product I could find for my peace of mind, but also for my Son a flavored one that he loved. Thinking back to when I was growing up in Australia I remembered a banana Jack n Jill brand toothpaste that I brushed my teeth with.

Miles Storm brushing his teeth this morning

Miles Storm brushing his teeth this morning

As you can imagine I was super excited to realize Jack n Jill is still being made. It is in my opinion, the healthiest toothpaste available for children anywhere. It is safe to swallow & is rated by the Environmental Working Group with the SAFEST rating they have!!! Australian based Jack N’ Jill Natural Toothpaste has been around since 1949.  It is all natural, hypoallergenic. SLS Free, with no fluoride, preservatives or added Color. Not to mention the best flavors – banana, blackcurrant, blueberry, raspberry and strawberry.

Did I mention that Jack and Jill also make a compostable and bio-degradable toothbrush. I know, there is WAY too much good stuff going on here!

Miles Storm absolutely LOVES his Jack n Jill toothpaste, and I am happy to write – problem solved – I have no issues brushing his teeth anymore. In fact, it is quite the opposite as now all as he wants to do is brush his teeth all the time!

Thanks for reading my BLOG!

4 thoughts on “We LOVE Jack n’ Jill Non-Toxic toothpaste in our family home!

    1. WillyBMum2014 Post author

      Oh My, I love Jack n Jill. Hands down the best toothpaste for children. They also most recently ship within the USA now. I buy 10 tubes at a time so we never run out. Banana is our favorite.


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