Miles Storm’s Christening in the small Australian Town of Bunyip

Christening – A religious sacrament marked by the symbolic application of water to the head or immersion of the body into water and resulting in admission.

I was brought up, in my home country of Australia as a Christian, specifically the Church of England faith. I went to Sunday School often, and I was Christened AKA Baptised before I was one year of age; which is tradition. Although, I now consider myself a Pagan, being of a nature inspired religion, I still hold on to a lot of the values I learned during my time within the Christian faith.

One thing, I was very adamant about when my Son was born, was that he would be Christened as soon as possible. However, my husband who is Jewish (not practicing) did not want Miles Storm to be Christened at all, his reasoning being that if neither of the parents were Christian what was the point? Hmmmm, so I had to ask him – what was the harm? Personally, I wanted to set a tradition in place and for my Son to be blessed by a Priest, as well as laying a foundation for him and his spiritual choices as he grows. As a result of my husband and my different opinions, we fought about it a bit, but eventually he backed off realizing how important it seemed to me and thus I was able to start planning the Christening.

On Saturday the 18th of March 2012, while I was visiting my Mum and Dad in the small small country town of Bunyip where I grew up, Miles Storm was Christened to the musical backdrop of kookaburras and magpies singing in surrounding trees. It was such a beautiful experience! He wore the same gown I wore, and my brother and sisters, when we were all Christened many many years ago; fitting into it perfectly! He was barefoot on a beautiful sunny day with a slight breeze and the smells of eucalyptus in the air. I could not have imagined a better scenario.

The petit township of Bunyip is in Gippsland, being in the state of Victoria which is situated about an hour’s drive north of the major city of Melbourne. And, when I say small I mean tiny. Bunyip is literally the exact opposite to where I live now in New York City! To create an understanding, the road my parents live on is still a dirt track. It is a gorgeous untouched spot of the world, which I miss tremendously.

Miles was Christened at 109-year-old St Thomas’ Anglican Church which is a short stroll down the Street from my parents house. It is Bunyip’s oldest church, perched high on top of a hill. It is beautiful and quaint setting on a lovely property with gigantic eucalyptus trees blowing in the wind. Bishop Michael Hough, who performed the ceremony, was wonderful. What a lovely gentleman he is, stopping by our family home a few times to work out the details, as well as spending some time with Miles to get to know him. Love him!

The Christening was conducted during the regular Sunday service, and as a result the Church was full of both my extended family members and local Church goers (who all loved my Son).

And, as for Miles Storm, he loved it also. He was so very intrigued, and made himself at home walking around saying hello to everybody, without batting an eyelid. He had a great time full of laughter and memories.

What about you, did you do any specific religious ceremonies with you Little One?

Bishop Michael Hous

Miles Storm being blessed with Holy Water by Bishop Michael Hough


Miles Storm taking it all in

Miles Storm

Miles Storm, yay I have officially been Christened


Miles Storm enjoying his time in my home town, amongst the Gum Trees!

Miles Storm

Miles Storm barefoot after his Christening, you know, mingling!

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