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Being a Stay-At-Home-Mum in New York City is not always easy, especially during the colder weather. It is definitely not like the environment where I grew up in Australia where my Mother told me and my brother and sisters to go outside and play every day; you just do not have that choice here as a parent.

Thankfully, there are options. The indoor play spaces are a rapidly growing trend which are a godsend to young city-based families. Not just because they are indoors, but also because they are safe and friendly venues specifically targeted towards our Little Ones.

Here in Williamsburg Brooklyn where I live, there are a few options, with one of my top preferences being Klub 4 Kidz, which is located off Bedford Avenue on North 4th Street.

On Halloween 2010 K4K was officially opened by mother herself, Tina Klideris, who had dreamed about opening something-of-the-like for over 10 years; see dreams really can come true!

For the older children, 2 years to 10 years of age, there is a 18 foot rock climbing wall, and 4 tier state-of-the-art playground which includes zip line, crawl tubes, mazes, and slides. Pretty amazing right!


For the younger children, like Miles Storm, K4K recently introduced a “Toddler Room” which we had the opportunity to check out last week. My Son loved it, we were there for 2+ hours and he actually started crying when we had to leave. Now he constantly asks if he can go back to the “Kub 4 Kidz” –  really cute!

The Toddler Room is specifically for newborns to children 2 years of age, which is reassuring because it means Little Ones will not be scared or knocked-about by the bigger children in the playground. There is a soft mat on the floor with plenty of toys and books to explore.

Klub 4 Kidz also has a café which offers, wait for it, gluten-free and organic food choices, not to mention coffee! They offer a variety of Pop-In classes like my favorite Eco friendly Pop Art. There is also Pre-school Klub, Music Class, PeeWee Pop Art and a Science Class which are held on Tuesday and Thursday. You can find more information about that HERE.

Another awesome offering from K4K is $10 Tuesday, which is exactly as it says only $10 for unlimited Open Play ALL day. This definitely has to be one of the best deals in the local “Willy B” area, $10 is such a relief compared to some of the prices of other activities available! At the end of the week K4K holds Funtastic Friday which is from 3PM – 6PM and includes free rock wall and face painting. Additionally, the party room is open with board games and WII music and dancing. Woo Hoo!

If you are in “Willy B” I definitely suggest you stop by. And, if you are visiting Williamsburg Brooklyn feel free to check it out, I know your children will Love It, like my Little Boy does.

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Miles Storm enjoying the Toddler Room at Klub for Kidz

Miles Storm enjoying the Toddler Room at Klub for Kidz

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