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Miles Storm with his Ipad and the new Disney Storytime App

My family drives a lot as we live between 2 homes. During the week we live in Brooklyn NYC and during the weekends we live 90 miles North of NYC in the township of Rhinebeck Upstate NY. To break that down, on a good day, it is a 2 hour drive each way. But, when traffic is bad it has been known to take 5 hours for us to get from one to another.

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We LOVE Jack n’ Jill Non-Toxic toothpaste in our family home!

My Son’s first tooth grew in around 1 year of age. The same time my first tooth popped up when I was a little girl. With this came the simple enough realization that my husband and I would have to start brushing his teeth. Another New Experience, yep welcome to having your first child!

I struggled on this journey with my Son because he HATED having his teeth brushed – he would keep his mouth closed shut like lockjaw, cry and would jump around making it difficult to brush all of his teeth, not to mention dangerous. I tried all kinds of things – playing games, singing songs and bribery but nothing seemed to work.

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Mills Mansion in the quaintness that is Staatsburgh

My family lives in between 2 places; during the week we live in bustling New York City in an apartment and during the weekends (and all holidays) we live upstate NY in the gorgeous historic township of Rhinebeck in a house. Rhinebeck is located a stones throw away from the Hudson River about a 2 hour drive North of NYC. My family has done this commute for 7 years now, and we love the contrast of being surrounded by trees and animals one minute and then surrounded by skyscraper buildings with barely a tree in site, the next!

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Brussel Sprouts baked with Capers and Miso

Far Out Brussel Sprout! Growing up as a child Brussel Sprouts were probably one of the WORST things that I could ever think to eat, and I feel like the feeling was mutual among other children my age. Fast forward 20 or so years and now it one of my favorite vegetables ever.

Brussel Sprouts are low in cholesterol and saturated fat, being a great source of Vitamins B6, K, C & A! I love you little green Brussel Sprouts!! Not to mention Folate (great for if you are trying to get pregnant or are pregnant by the way), as well as Potassium, Iron, Riboflavin, Phosphorus, Dietary Fiber and Manganese.

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Miles Storm’s Christening in the small Australian Town of Bunyip

Christening – A religious sacrament marked by the symbolic application of water to the head or immersion of the body into water and resulting in admission.

I was brought up, in my home country of Australia as a Christian, specifically the Church of England faith. I went to Sunday School often, and I was Christened AKA Baptised before I was one year of age; which is tradition. Although, I now consider myself a Pagan, being of a nature inspired religion, I still hold on to a lot of the values I learned during my time within the Christian faith.

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We Love Klub 4 Kidz!

Being a Stay-At-Home-Mum in New York City is not always easy, especially during the colder weather. It is definitely not like the environment where I grew up in Australia where my Mother told me and my brother and sisters to go outside and play every day; you just do not have that choice here as a parent.

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