Miles Storm’s first 3D Movie – The Croods!

Sandy, Ugga, EEP, Grug, Guy, Thunk, Gran and Belt the Sloth make up this wonderful tale

Sandy, Ugga, EEP, Grug, Guy, Thunk, Gran and Belt the Sloth make up this wonderful tale.

Last week, as a guest of the Mummy-Duo The Moms, Miles Storm and I had the opportunity to see a private pre-screening of the children’s movie The Croods at the AMC Theater on the Upper West Side in Manhattan.

It was my 2.5 year old’s second movie ever, and his first 3D-movie experience and he handled it surprisingly well. At first he did not really understand why he had to wear the glasses to see the effects of the 3D, but after me gently reassuring him he finally figured it out. From there on in, he was smitten. He happily sat through the whole movie, laughing at times (which was adorable) and throwing in a few “Wow Mummy, look at that” at some of the effects. He was particularly enthralled by the flying birds and butterflies throughout the movie and put his hands up, like many of the children in the Theater, to try to catch them.

The Croods is a wonderfully animated adventure comedy about a very interesting prehistoric caveman family who, are well stuck in a cave. It is indeed a mere existence. Eventually, by ways of a tragic natural disaster destroying the cave, the group is forced to move on. Although scared stiff, with the help of a mysterious boy named Guy, they are led on a spectacular journey through the many wonders of a world they had no idea existed – jungles, water ways and mountain landscapes. They are also met by many unthought-of-before hybrid animal characters that compliment the scenery. Not forgetting the genius concepts such as fire and tar pits that really throw everybody for a sixer (Australian for confuse the hell out of everybody)!

Father “Grug”, (voiced by Nicholas Cage), is beyond traumatized when his daughter “EEP”, (voiced by Emma Stone) falls in love with Guy. Of course, Daddy doesn’t approve and a power struggle erupts, well in Grug’s mind anyway.

As well as a spectacular movie to watch as far as special effects, there are hidden life lessons highlighted in the form of a struggling Father/Daughter relationship, coming to terms with in-laws, first time love and bonding together for the sake of survival.  All of these elements make The Croods an insightful, as well as entertaining, movie to take your family too. There is something in it for everybody – younger and older.

Of course there is a happy ending…… but you are going to have to go and watch the movie yourself, rather than me ruin the surprise for you.

The Croods starts showing today, March 22nd, in Cinemas across the United States. I have included below an official trailer of the movie, and to make it easier to find tickets in your area you can visit HERE.

Hope you love it as much as Miles Storm and I did!

Miles Storm and I at a pre screening of the movie - The Croods

Miles Storm and I hanging out with one of the stars of “The Croods”, Belt the Sloth

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