STOKKE Stroller Launch hosted by MomTrends in NYC

Testing out the STOKKE Xplory

Testing out the STOKKE Xplory, with a Brahmin bag & Stella & Dot jewelry

I can admit, I used to be a Bugaboo Snob! I would not even have thought about giving up my Cameleon Pram (Australian for Stroller), let alone consider a different kind of Pram! My husband knows first hand how stubborn I have been in this regard. As our Son is almost 2.5 years old, he has been unsuccessfully trying to convince me to switch to at least an Umbrella stroller, especially in the instances where we have to travel. But, I always insist on taking our Bugaboo with us everywhere. And, as much as I love it, it really is not the best pram to travel with, it is actually quite awkward and time-consuming to break down, store and set up.

Fast forward to last Monday night, where I was enlightened at the Scandinavian STOKKE stroller launch that Momtrends fabulously executed at the space known as The Glasshouses in the Chelsea district of New York City. After learning about the STOKKE brand and seeing how passionate the company is, I know now I want another baby and an Xplory Pram to go with the baby! Ha, true story.

To my husband when I arrived home – “Babes, can we please have another baby so I can get a Red Xplory”.

STOKKE is a Norwegian family owned company that was founded in 1932, yep they have been around a long long time. Over the years the company has designed a variety of furniture focused on “ergonomics, uniqueness and functionality”. However, in 2006 the company changed direction and now entirely designs children´s furniture/equipment which includes high chairs, prams and baby carriers.

There were many fabulous Mommy Bloggers in attendance at the event, who were fortunate to personally hear from STOKKE’s Director of Innovation and Design Hilde Angelfoss. Hilde is the brainchild behind the Xplory pram and one bright cookie! She maintained that the top priorities when choosing a pram should be the child’s happiness, safety and comfort. She also discussed some interesting points which I had not really thought about before. For example; when out and about with your stroller, how important it is to have your baby facing inwards towards the mother thus being able to make eye contact. If a baby is facing outwards it can cause frustration and stress in a Little One, who is new to the world, because they cannot see a person that they know. Instead, they see bits and pieces of random things like the sky, cars and unrecognizable people, which can be very confusing.

The night’s event showcased 2 new strollers STOKKE recently released the Scoot and Crusi, as well as highlighting my personal favorite of the 3, the classic Xplory model. Did I mention that I love the Xplory! Brahmin handbags and Stella & Dot jewelry were also in attendance letting each of us mix and match for photos on the red carpet.

All of the STOKKE strollers are multi-talented, meaning they can be adjusted to different positions, have adjustable seat depths and adjustable foot rests. The strollers are also up high so Little Ones and Parents can be closer by being on a relevant height level to one another. The strollers are available in a range of colors, come with a 3 year extended warranty, cost in the $1000 mark (give or take) and additionally there are helpful accessories, (dependent on your terrain) like foot muffs, sibling seats, wind covers, rain covers and fitted sheets.

As I mentioned earlier, the Bugaboo Cameleon is quite awkward and time-consuming to break down, store and set up. Well, this is not the case with the STOKKE Scoot which breaks down within seconds, folding to a quarter of the size and you can even do it one-handed (I saw that happen in real life). This means you can hold your baby in one hand and with the other hand, wow the masses with your Super Mom skills. Wham Bam Thank You Maam!

STOKKE are a great company that are doing wonderful things for us parents by helping to make all of our lives easier. If you are in the market for a new stroller you should definitely check them out HERE. Not forgetting that they make other genius products like high hairs and baby carriers.

Thanks for reading!

STOKKE Prams on display

Reserved Parking for STOKKE strollers

3 thoughts on “STOKKE Stroller Launch hosted by MomTrends in NYC

  1. Monica

    So nice to chat with you at this fabulous event. I too chose a bugaboo as my first stroller and have been through a few since them. I’m so impressed with STOKKE! All the best – Monica

    1. Willy B Mum

      Yes Mon, there is a lot of pressure, I think, to have a Bugaboo in the beginning. And, being a first time Mum you really do not know any different so just say Okay sure I will take one of those Bugaboos!!! It is definitely a status quo thing.
      Reality is, after the first child, you figure a lot of stuff out and you have different needs.
      You are like my other friend Kristin at My Strange Family she has been through so many strollers…
      I am still on my original Bugaboo but now that I have been exposed to STOKKE I will consider them if and hopefully soon I have my next little munchkin!!!


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