Old Navy 40% off Old Navy Kids, Maternity and Baby Sale!

Super Hero Batman Miles Storm

Super Hero Batman Miles Storm in his Old Navy pajamas pulling his “I am flying” face.

You know, my 2.5 year old Son is really really into Super Heroes at the moment….. like really into Super Heroes. So, when I took him to an event with MomTrends last week at the NYC Chelsea Old Navy Store, he seriously could not believe his eyes when he saw Batman Pajamas hanging on the rack! It was love at first sight… seriously.

Miles Storm was so into the Batman pajamas that while in store he asked me to change him out of his normal day clothes into these pajamas. As a note, I usually do not dress my child in pajamas during the day, especially while on a fashion expedition, but this was a special occasion and he was not taking No for an answer! I especially love that once he had the pajamas on he kept pulling this funny face to indicate that he was flying in windy skies. It was quite amusing. Children are so imaginative and so precious.

Miles Storm and I were at Old Navy together to preview the 40% off sale on all maternity, children’s and baby clothing (which runs through February the 20th) AKA “Old Navy Kids and Baby Sale”. To coincide with this, we were filmed shopping for a short video clip with some other Super Star NYC Mummy Bloggers like Triple Threat Mommy, Stroller in The City, Mama Goes Natural and The Chirping Moms where a wonderful time was had by all.

I picked up some cool pieces for my Son, which I discuss in the video and that you can see in the photo below. I love Old Navy this season for Toddler Boys because they have a lot of options in the classic nautical theme, which is one of my favorite looks for Boys. The blue khakis are timeless, and the striped blazer is very “Sail On”, with the Superman t-shirt highlighting an experience my Son is currently enjoying. I think it all works really well together adding a graphic t-shirt mixed with some clean classic looks. I love love love the silver loafers; they are so dapper and spectacular. I also chose some bright pink socks to give his outfit a pop. Additionally, I created a Pinterest board with other pieces that I like HERE.


Miles Storm in his styling Old Navy outfit

Old Navy Kidtacular Pinterest Sweepstakes

On top of this already pretty awesome sale MomTrends are running a Pinterest contest where you can win $50 gift cards daily with a final grand prize of a $1000 gift certificate, that is a lot of clothes right there. All you have to Pin the photo of the sparkly girls shoes from the Momtrends Blog post which you can find HERE and enter your email address for your chance to win. You have to be in it to win it, as the saying goes. I just entered and it literally took a few seconds to do so.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to check out the video below for highlights of the shopping spree!

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