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Screen Shot 2013-03-03 at 2.37.24 PMFor my 4th episode of Inspirational Vibes, I am so happy to have had the opportunity to interview and spend some time with Tirrell Barronette who is the brainchild behind the up and coming raw organic juice company – deLIFEful Foods.

I met Tirrell at the Open House of the Brooklyn Chapter of the Holistic Mom’s Network that I co-lead with another Mummy in Williamsburg Brooklyn. We were looking for sponsors for the event, and with the help of my friends at Gourmet Guild, (where monthly meetings are held and who also stock deLifeFul), the connection was made. Tirrell was so excited to get the juices into us local Mummies hands that he actually showed up to Gourmet Guild a day early. And, I love that story. Tirrell has one of the those welcoming happy smiley personalities that it is impossible not to love, and deLIFEful Foods is a perfect reflection of that.

Tirrell started deLIFEful Foods in 2011 with some College friends and his juice-genius Uncle who had previously worked in the industry. Shining a bright light, the company came to par after noticing that the healthy products on the market available for children, well, were limited and kind of sucked (can I say that – Ha). deLIFEful originally shopped 8 ounce bottles known as”Shorties” to vendors as a drink for youngsters, but the general feedback was that consumers would not buy raw organic unpasteurized juices with that idea in mind. Taking a step back, they upped it to a 16 ounce adult focused bottle and at the moment they are distributing 500 bottles of juice in the NY area a week!

Here is my thing though, first of all most mothers breastfeed their children on raw organic milk, and really, what is the point of heating juices (pasteurizing) to such a point that you kill most of the nutritional benefits? It is my opinion that raw juicing is the way to go, it just seems silly to me to drink it any other way. Personally, I have no problem giving my 2.5 year old raw cold pressed juices. Let’s just keep it as nature intended shall we!

Thankfully, deLIFEful recently decided to add their initial idea of 8 ounce “Shorties” back on to their product list which should be available, with children in mind, at the end of March. Another thing I love about deLIFEful foods is that before they even offered their juices to the public they let a bunch of Little Ones try it and ONLY sell juice that have Children’s seal of approval on the flavors – LOVE that (please watch the interview below for more insight on this).

The deLIFEful shorties will be an 8 ounce variety to our current juices. There will be slight variations to some of the formulations but we will not sacrifice on taste or quality of ingredients. The product maintains the same level integrity as our current juices. The product will be released at the end of March and available at select stores — Tirrell Barronette.

Did I mention that all juices are certified organic, vegan, gluten-free, Non GMO, free of food colorings, preservatives or added sugar? Of course they are! Additionally, to ensure quality and to maintain nutritional content juices are cold pressed daily. The majority of ingredients are sourced from Samascott Orchard in New York and Lancaster Farms in Pennsylvania. Well, besides the Pomegranates and Pineapples which are harvested on a farm in sunny California.

deLIFEful has 3 different varieties at the moment – Green Revival, Kickin’ Ginger (my favorite), and Sweet Sweet P & P. The juices are available in select stores in the NY area, (like my local Gourmet Guild in Williamsburg Brooklyn) and are also available online HERE.

deLIFEful Foods are an awesome company doing great things for us adults and for our Little Ones, and to me that is an Inspirational Vibe!

Follow deLIFEful on Twitter here – @deLIFEfulFoods
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Me and Tirrell at Gourmet Guild - WIlliamsburg Brooklyn

Me and Tirrell at Gourmet Guild – WIlliamsburg Brooklyn

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