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It’s been awhile since I have written an “Inspirational Vibes” piece, so last week I headed over to the nearby industrial area of Gowanus Brooklyn to have a chat with “Jack” Jaclyn Jablkowski who is the Communications Manager at the nonprofit Build It Green! NYC.

I was inspired to visit Jack after reading that last year alone they successfully diverted 1,200 tons of re-useable building materials from landfills in the immediate New York area – pretty impressive – which is up 400 tons from the year before, with projections that that amount will continue to grow each year! Build It Green! NYC also donated 57 tons of lumber to school and community gardens in New York City providing enough material to build 1,200 new raised garden beds making my current city greener, cleaner and prettier. If that isn’t an inspirational vibe I do not know what is.

Think of Build It Green! NYC as similar to a thrift store for clothing but for larger materials. Both warehouse locations, Gowanus and Queens, are filled to the brim with donated and reclaimed objects like lumber, tiles, doors, cabinets, windows, chairs and well, as you will see in the video below, I even found an awesome vintage BMX bike!

Why Landfills Are Bad News!

One of the reasons that landfill sites are harmful to OUR environment is because most of the waste disposed of will never break down, meaning it will sit in the ground in solid form forever forever forever. Additionally, the majority of  items in landfills are made up of chemicals, pesticides and toxins that leak into the soil thus contaminating it and then making its way into our air and water ways which causes pollution and disease (big sentence I know). Landfill waste also smells, and let’s not even get into what our unknowing beautiful animals and plant life go through as a result. Oh Geez. Common rule of thumb – If You Use a service like Build It Green! NYC YOU RULE and Willy B Mum Loves You!

If you are in the market to build something you should definitely check out the Build it Green! NYC locations. They are open 7 days a week from 10AM – 6PM during the week, and 10AM – 5PM on the weekends with all materials priced between 40% – 80% off normal retail prices. Love that.

Or, if you have a lot of stuff you do not want anymore consider donating it to Build It Green! NYC. If you give to the cause you will receive a tax receipt and they also offer free pick up for large donations. I mean, they really could not make it any easier for you to make a subtle but BIG difference – you go Greenie! Every little bit helps and ain’t that the truth. Also, at no charge their Deconstruction Team can professionally dismantle anything from a kitchen to a whole house.

Please enjoy the video of me chatting with Jack, and feel free to visit their web page for further information –

Don’t Buy It Build It.

2 thoughts on “Inspirational Vibes – Build It Green NYC

  1. Monica

    I’m so thrilled to learn about this (and so is my husband who happens to be a builder). We are also huge on re purposing things and are always looking to live greener lives. Awesome highlight Libby!

    1. Willy B Mum

      Thanks so much for posting Monica.
      I was so happy to learn about them also…. I had no idea either.
      Hope your husband can create some wonderful things from some saved things.


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